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Rajasthani Folk Dance & Music

Rajasthani Dance -

rajsthani-folk-dance-musicThe dances of Rajasthan are so inviting and engaging that they are bound to induce you to tap a foot or two along with the dancers. Rajasthani dances are essentially folk dances tracing their origin to rural customs and traditions. What is more interesting is that keeping alive the numerous dance forms are not the professional dancers but the ordinary rural men and women of Rajasthan. The dancers practicing these dance forms are, till date, religiously following the age old traditions and that’s where, the beauty of these dances lies. Apart from the simple expressions and daring movements that add beauty to the dances, there are the vibrant and colorful costumes adorned by the dancers. For the dancers of Rajasthan, the Thar Desert is the centre stage which enhances the beauty of the dances at the backdrop of the setting sun. Some of the folk dances of Rajasthan are illustrated herein.


Kalbelia Dance

This ancient dance form is performed by women of the Kalbelia community who, by profession, are snake charmers and trade in snake venom. This ancient dance form has dance movements similar to the movements of the serpents and hence, even the costumes are black colored. Interestingly, women dance on the music produced by the ‘Been’, an instrument used to charm the snakes. This is an extremely sensuous dance form which completely enthralls the onlookers.

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Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan

Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan

Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan


Ghoomar Dance -

Traditionally, out of bound of men, this dance form was performed solely by Rajput women on auspicious occasions. Only the women perform it with their faces covered by a veil. They dance while singing traditional songs and perform circular movements gracefully and charmingly.

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Rajasthani Ghoomar Dance


Chari Dance -

This traditional dance form requires lots of skill and patience as this dance is performed with pots on the head and lamps in the hand of the dancers. In such a state, the dancers perform several flexible and graceful movements of the body. This dance is performed on gay occasions, like marriage or birth of a child.

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Rajasthani Dance Chari Udaipur

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Rajasthani Dances Music - Folk Dances Of Rajasthan


Fire Dance -

This is an extremely difficult dance to perform which is carried out by the Banjara community. The dance involves breathtaking fire stunts wherein the dancers perform by holding fire rods in their hands and filling up their mouths with kerosene. The fire rods are also moved on their heads and legs by the dancers.

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Terah Taal (Thirteen Beat) Dance -

The Terah Taal dance is a beautiful musical dance in which the dancers place manjeeras (little brass discs) on their waist, legs, hands and forehead, at least thirteen places on their body. This dance is performed as a kind of ritual to please Baba Ramdeo, a local deity of Rajasthan.

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Chakri Dance-

As the name resembles, Chakri, means ‘Chakkar’ (Circle) rotation in hindi lang. Chakri is one of the most popular folk dance of Kanjar tribe. Kanjar tribe inhabited in some parts of Kota and Baran district of Rajasthan.

Chakri Dance is performed in almost all the marriages and festival in the Haroti region of Rajasthan. Chakri dance is performed exclusively by the womenfolk of Kanjar tribe and it is also their main source of livelihood.

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Rajasthani Folk Dance - Chakri Dance

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Bhavai Dance-

Bhavai is one of the traditional folk dances of Rajasthan. This is a very difficult form of dance and can only be performed by skilled artists. This dance basically involves women dancers balancing 8 to 9 pitchers on their heads and dancing simultaneously. This nail biting , suspenseful dance, the well skilled dancers balance a number of earthen pots or brass picthers and then sway with the soles of their feet perched on the top of a glass and also sometime on the edge of a naked sword or on the rim os a brass thali (plate) during the performance.

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Bhavai Folk Dance Artist Booking

Bhavai Folk Dance Artist Booking


Gavri Dance-

Gavari dance of Rajasthan is a tribal dance of the famous Bhil tribe. This is mainly a tribal dance drama and is beautifully expressed by its troupe having many different characters. Gawari tribal dance is a running dramatical dance which go from village to village for a month. Its is great entertainment for rural population.

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Traditional GAWARI Dance of RAJASTHAN, INDIA

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Mayur Dance

Brajleela Shows

- Vrindavan Is Existed In The Centre Of That Great Land Which Inspire Many Great Saints And Philosophers And Has Also Kalidah The Place Where He Enslaved The King Of Poisonous Snake (Naga) In The Midst Of Kalindi (Yamuna River) Besides Making Each One Of The Thousands Of Gopikas To Think Themselves As Radha.

Live Shows

- From Many Years In All Parts Of India. This Is Cultural Organ Of Mathura In The State Of Up Many Trained And Experienced Artist Of Dramatic Art Presents The Live Shows Of Following

Brij Vandana

- Worshiping Of Brij Bhoomi, Krishna And Radha Through Musical Songs In Brij Bhasha (Spoken In Brij).

Mayur Nritya

- When Radha Ji Wants To See Dance Of Peacock, To Fulfil Her Desire, Lord Krishna Portrays Himself As Peacock And Performs Dance Like Mayur.

Chakra Nritya

- Chakra Nritya Is A Representation Of Lord Vishnu’s Chakra (Sudarshana Chakra) Where A Heavy Brass Plate Is Revolved Only On Index Finger And Thrown 15-20 Feet Above In The Air And Rebalanced Similar To Its Previous State And Same Action Is Repeated Many A Times.

Charkula Nritya

- It Is A Folk Tale Of Uttar Pradesh In India Of Times When Radha (Paramour Of Shri Krishna) Was Born About Five Thousand Years Back In The Village Of Barsana. The People Of That Place Put Many Lamps On The Flat Wheel Of Chariot. Then They Danced With The Chariot Wheel On Their Head. Even Today The Farmers Of The Area Enjoy Similar Tradition Just Before The Harvesting Season. Please Note The Wheel Is Called Charkula In The Local Dialect And It Usually Weighs About 40 Kgs, Hence The Name Of Charkula Dance.

Rasleela/Bhajan Rasiya

- Raslila Is A Famous Art Form Originating In Braj In Uttar Pradesh In North India. This Folk Art Has Elements Of Classical Music, Dace And Drama. Raslila Is Associated With Radha And Krishna And Their Divine Love. It Is A Joyous Circular Dance Of Sri Krishna And His Playmates. Today We Have Villagers In India Taking Part In Raslila And Depicting Various Stories Of Radha And Krishna Through Dance, Music And Drama.

It Also Portrays Krishna’s Association With The Milkmaids Or Gopis Of The Village. It Shows How Krishna Casts A Spell On The Gopis Who Wanted Him To Be Their Dance Partner. Raslila Has A Basic Script Which Has To Be Followed, But It Has Enough Scope For Improvisation As Well. Though The Emphasis Of Raslila Is On ‘Darshan’ Or The Visual Appeal, It Is Important To Capture The ‘Bhava’ Or The Sentiment. This Is Done Through Music, Dance And Drama Enacted By The Actors.

The Various ‘Raasas’ Or Dramatic Flavors Like Friendship, Conjugal Love, Parental Love, Amazement, Compassion, Humour, Chivalry, Fury, Fear And Dread Are Expressed Through This Traditional Folk Form.

Dandiya Ras

- “Dandiya Raas”, Which Is Performed During Navratri. In Fact, It Holds A Significant Place In Navratri Celebrations. It Is Known For Setting The Festive Mood. Dandiya Raas Is The Featured And Most Popular Dance Of Navratri Evenings In Gujarat. The Dance Form Is Not Just Restricted To Gujarat. It Is Performed In Many Other States, During The Festive Season Of Navratri. Dandiya Raas Is Performed In The Honor Of Goddess Durga. Attach Photo

Latthmar Holi

- In Brij, People Enjoy Holi With Danda (A Form Of Bamboo Which Is A Little Bit Short But Very Stout), Colors (Abeer, Gulaal) And With Flowers. This Festival Is Quite Famous And Popular And Played With Great Enthusiasm. The Women Try To Strike Men With These Dandas And The Men Try To Escape And This Goes On As A Play. In Nandgaon And Barsana Holi Is Played With Sweets (Laddoo’s).

Phoolon Ki Holi

- Krishna And Radha Play Holi With Flower Petals. Several Qunitals Of Flower Petals Are Used In This Leela.

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Kachhi-Ghodi Dance -

Kacchi-Ghodi, or the dummy horse dance, originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. The dancers are elaborately dressed, and so are the dummy horses, which perform sword fighting sequences with utmost vigor. A ballad singer usually sings the tales of chivalrous men. This dance form is generally performed on gay occasions.

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Kathputli Show-

Rajasthan Kathputli dance is world famous and well known as Puppetry dance. It is the old tradition of stories from mythology and legends are told through puppets in Rajasthan. String puppetry is very much famous in Rajasthan.

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Kathputli Show

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Langa Party -

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Langa Party

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