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Indian marriages are known for their opulent and vibrant look but in real there is much more than just the gloss and glamour in an Indian wedding ceremony. In fact, the Indian wedding ceremonies are the most ritualistic and serious affair than any other kind of marriage performed any where else in the world. Most of the religions in India regard marriage as more of a religious ritual than a social or legal affair like that in west. Indian weddings are a perfect blend of traditions, values and celebrations. In India, marriage is not simply regarded as an event, rather it is considered as a soulful affair of the merger of two souls.

Most of the times, an Indian wedding is associated with the Hindu marriage ceremony but it would be surprising for you to know that apart from Hindu marriages, Indian wedding also canopies in itself seven other religion marriages namely Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Jewish, Buddhism, Jain and Christianity. An Indian wedding may also vary in accordance with the region and community rituals and traditions. Though different kinds of Indian marriages may have different kinds of rituals and traditions, one thing that remains common in all of them is the beautiful display of love, concern, commitment, and emotion.

Arya Samaj Wedding

In India, the wedding rituals and customs in any family are mainly based on the religion or community that the family follows. The community only decides the kind of wedding ceremony that a couple would have.

Christian Wedding Ceremony

Christians are an important part of Indian culture. Though the population of the Christians in the country is less as compared to that of Hindus and Muslims, the Christian religion has a deep impact on the contemporary Indian Culture.

Hindu Marriage Act

Unlike West, marriage in India is regarded more as a religious and social affair than a legal affair. Despite a very detailed chapter on the Indian marriages in the Indian constitution, most of the people in the country are unaware of the laws associated with marriages.

Muslim Wedding in India

Muslim wedding are celebrated on a grand scale in India. The wedding custom and rituals has come down from the Moghul rulers in the medieval India. Muslim families in India follow the traditional way of wedding. Indian Muslims mostly follow the same customs and rituals in Nikah

Indian Wedding Facts

Indian wedding is a perfect blend of serious rituals and customs along with other fun filled rituals and frothy moments. Wedding marks the beginning of a new relationship not just between two individuals but also between two families and thus, there are various moments in the wedding ceremonies that help to build new relationships.


A Hindu Wedding is very elaborate and ritualistic. There are several compulsory rituals in a Hindu wedding that hold immense significance and deep rooted meaning in the Hindu Religion. The rituals of the Hindu wedding ceremony start days before the actual wedding ceremony.

Marriage Legalities in India

India is a land of many cultures and religions. So, it is important to remember the various legalities involved in marriages of different religion and community. India being a cosmopolitan country accepts personal laws of its citizen.

Marriages in Different Religion

India is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse customs. Each religion has its own traditions and ritual. Different existing religions in the country- Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Jewish, Buddhism, Jain and Christianity every religion has their own wedding customs.

Muslim Marriage Act

India is land of diverse culture and religions. People of many religions live here with peace and harmony. Though similar constitutional rights and duties are assigned to all the citizens of the country, they are free to abide by their own social and religious belief.

Famous Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding ceremonies have always been known for their elaborative and ritualistic nature. As most of the Indian religions regard marriage to be a social as well as religious ritual, the wedding ceremony acquires dual importance in the Indian context. Apart from this, in Indian families the Wedding ceremony is also treated as an occasion of celebrations and display of riches and wealth.

Parsi Wedding Ceremony

Like other Indian marriages, thewedding rituals and customs of Parsi community are also spread over a couple of days. In Parsi wedding also, the wedding celebrations are divided into three parts- pre wedding rituals, wedding day rituals and post wedding rituals.

Seven Vows Of Marriage

Hindu wedding is all about rituals and customs, which teach us the actual essence of a blissful married life. The seven vows of marriage symbolize seven promises, which are sworn by the bride and the groom during the auspicious ceremony of wedding. During the marriage, a sacred fire is created with ghee and wooden sticks

Sikh Wedding Rituals

The Sikh wedding is generally held in Gurudwara, amidst the preacher of the religious place, family, friends and relatives. When it comes to a Sikh Indian wedding, the festive ambiance is set a week before the ceremony. The groom’s sister and the bride’s father play a prominent role during the wedding ceremony

Special Marriage Act

The main reason behind the enactment of the Special Marriage Act was to provide a special form of marriage for the people of India and all Indians residing in foreign countries, irrespective of the religion or faith followed by either party, to perform the intended the marriage.

Indian Baraat

The traditional Indian wedding establishes a bond between two families and their cultures, apart from creating a very special relationship between the couple, who tie the nuptial knot. The marriage ceremony is a series of colorful events, spread over two to three days.

Hindu Marriages

Hindu marriages signify customs, rituals and elaborate celebrations and are full of fun and frolic. Indian weddings speak volumes of the rich culture, heritage and ethnicity of the country. Every region follows its own traditions customs and rituals for the wedding.

Wedding Decoration Tips

Traditional Hindu weddings are grand affair. It normally takes place over several days with elaborate ceremonies, which lasts up to one week. Indian wedding function is divided in to three sections pre wedding functions, main day functions and post wedding functions.

Indian Wedding Day Functions

In Indian society, marriage is not just a social custom. It is an institution, which teaches us lots of things about life. Wedding function is considered as the biggest event in one’s lifetime, and to make this occasion a memorable one, people generally celebrate it in a grand manner.

Post Wedding Functions

Marriage speaks of love, commitment, companionship and empathy. It is considered as an important landmark in one’s life. In Hindu custom, tradition wedding is celebrated for several days. It is mostly divided into three parts – pre wedding functions, main day functions and post wedding functions.

Pre Wedding Functions

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and elaborate nature. Though the main wedding function is limited to few hours on the wedding day, the pre-wedding rituals and customs go on for no less than a week. The pre-wedding rituals consist of all the customs that are done before the wedding rituals on the Mandap or the venue of marriage.


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Chhapri, Dadiya, Dadiya, Dalelsingh Ji Ka Khera, Danta, Dantajati, Danthal, Dariba, Darri, Deoli, Dhangras, Dholiya Khera, Dhool Khera, Dhoomras, Dudiya,Ekling Pura, Eras, Gadri Khera, Gatheela Khera, Gokalpura, Gonwaliya, Gordhanpura, Govindpura, Govindsingh Ji Ka Khera, Gundli, Gurla, Guwardi, Haled, Hameer Garh, Hansiyas, Hooniya Khera, Jagdari, Jawasiya, Jeepiya, Jhopariya, Jitya Kheri, Jodhras, Kabra, Kacholiya, Kalundiya, Kalyan Pura, Kalyanpura, Kanda , Kanoli, Kanpura, Kanya Kheri, Karoi Kalan, Karoi Khurd, Keeratpura, Keeron Ki Jhonpariya, Khaira Bad, Khayra, Kochriya, Kodu Kota, Kotri, Kumariya Khera,Kumhariya, Madhopur, Mahesh Pura, Mahuwa Kalan, Malola, Mandpiya, Mandpiya, Mangrop, Mohanpura, Momi, Mujras, Nathadiyas, Nogawan, Ojhagar, Ojyara, Palri, Pansal, Parliya Khera, Parwati Pura, Patliyas, Patniya, Peepli, Phagnon Ka Khera, Pondras, Rajola, Rajpura, Rampuriya, Ratan Pura, Rayra, Reechhra,Roopaheli, Roopaliya, Rooppura, Rugnathpura, Sabalpura, Sagat Puriya, Sakariya Khera, Salampura, Salariya, Samori, Sangwa, Sayla, Seedriyas, Sethooriya, Shri Nagar, Siyar, Sopura, Sundarpura, Suwana, Swaroopganj, Tagariya, Takhat Pura, Taswariya, Teela Ka Khera, Teli Khera, Thala Ka Khera, Tiloli,Bikaner,Akadeeyawala, Ambasar, Anandpura, Asera, Bachhasar, Bambloo, Bandha, Barsingsar, Basi, Basi Sahajbardaran, Basti Chawadan, Beechhwal Rural, Belasar,Bhairupawa, Bherookheera, Bhinasar Rural, Bhojera, Bhojoosar, Bikaner M CI, Chak Garbi Rural, Daiya, Dandoosar, Daudsar, Deshnok Rural, Deshnoke M,Dewasar, Dheereran, Garhwala, Geegasar, Gersar, Gol Pratapsingh, Gusaisar, Hemera, Himtasar, Husangsar, Jagdewala, Jagnnathsar , Jalalsar, Jamsar, Jorbeer Rural,Kalyansar Agoona, Kalyansar Bara, Kalyansar Utrada, Kanasar, Karnisar Beekan, Katariyasar, Kesar Desar Boran, Kesar Desar Gangaguran, Kesar Desar Jatan, Khara, Kharda, Kheechiya, Kilchoo Deodan, Kilchoo Sahlotan, Kolasar, Ladera, Lalamdesar, Lalsar, Lalsinghpura, Malasar, Meghasar, Molaniya, Moondsar, Nagasar Pawaran, Nagasar Sugni, Nainon Ka Bas, Nal Chhoti, Nalbari, Napasar, Norang Desar, Palana, Panpalsar, Pemasar, Raisar, Rajera, Ramsar, Ranisar, RawatsarKumharan, Ridmalsar Purohitan, Ridmalsar Sipahiyan, Roopera, Runiya Barawas, Saroopdesar, Seethal, Serera, Sharah Acharjan, Sharah Kajani, Sharah Koojiya, Shivbari Rural, Shobhasar, Sujasar, Suratsinghpura, Surdhana Chauhanan, Surdhana Padiharan, Tejrasar, Udai Ramsar, Udasar,Bundi ,Ajeta, Akher, Aktasa, ali, Amthoon, Andher, Anoppura, Anthara, Astoli, Badoonda, Bagda, Bagli, Bahadurpura, Bajar, Bakshpura, Balapura, Balapura, Baldeopura, Baldeopura, Ballop, Bambori, Banka Khera, Banki, Baori Khera, Baradhudhalaji, Barfoo, Barkhera, Baroondhan, Barwas, Bathwara, Beebanwa, Beechri,Beelooba, Beodiya, Bhagwanpura Chainpuriya, Bhairoopura Barad, Bhairoopura Ojha, Bhalsanva, Bhanwarda, Bhanwriya Kua, Bharta Baori, Bhatonka Khera, Bhawani Pura, Bhawani Pura Bangamata, Bhawanipura, Bheem Ka Khera, Bheemganj, Bheempura, Bhoomakhera, Bhopat Pura, Bijari, Bijnawar, Binayka, Bisanpura, Budhpura CT, Bundi M, Byas Baori, Chanda Ka Talab, Chandanheli, Chapras, Chhant Ka Khera, Chhaparda, Chhapawda, Chhawani, Dabi, Daboosar, Daglawda, Dasalya, Daulat Pura, Dayalpura, Deelunda, Dehit, Deloonda, Deogarh, Deoriya, Dhanatari, Dhaneshwar, Dhola Ki Jhonpariyan, Dhorela, Dolara, Dora, Dulhepura, Ebra, Fatehpura, Gadegal, Gagos, Gamach, Gandhigram, Ganeshpura, Ganeshpura, Ganpatpura, Gardara, Garnara, Gobariya, Gogpura, Golpur, Gopalniwas, Gopalpura, Gopalpura Barad, Gordhanpura, Gordhanpura, Govindpur Baori, Gulkheri, Gumampura, Gurha, Gurha Nathawatan, Gurhamagdooka, Guwar, Guwari, Hanotya, Hari Pura, Haripura, Haripura Jawara Ki Jhopariyan, Hatipura, Hazari Bhiroon Ji Ki Jhopariyan, Holaspura, Itoda, Jakhana, Jakhmoond, Jal Ki Jhonpariyan, Jalera, Jaloda, Jalodi, Jaloti, Jameetpura, Jaoti Kalan, Jaoti Khurd, Jarkhoda, Jawahar Sagar, Jawra, Jharbala Pura, Kachhalya, Kalpuriya, Kalyanpura, Kanan, Kanjri Silor, Kanwarpura, Karad Ka Vardha, Karjoona, Karondi, Kati, Katunara, Kesarpura, Kethooda, Kewariya, Khadipur, Khaloonda,Khankhera, Kharibara, Khatiyari, Khatkar, Kherla, Kheroli, Kheroona, Khunetiya, Khurar, Khyawada, Kishanpura, Kishanpura, Kothiya, Kotkhera, Kumhariya,Kundaliya, Kuwarti, Ladpur, Lakha Ki Jhopariyan, Lalpura, Lamba Peepal, Lambakhoh, Laxmi Pura, Laxmipura, Leelera Byasan, Leelera Charnan, Lohli, Loicha, Mahrampura, Mahrana, Malipura, Mandawara, Mandawari, Manditya, Mandri, Mangal, Mangli, Matoonda, Megharawat Ki Jhonpariyan, Mohanpura, Moheepura, Moti Pura, Motuka, Nainda, Namana, Nanakpuriya, Nandpura, Naroli, Narsingh Pura, Naya Bardha, Nayagaon, Neem Ka Khera, Notara, Onarji Ki Jhonpariyan,Onkarpura, Pakal Puriya, Palka, Parana Bheelonwala, Parana Karadonka, Peepalda, Peepalda Hadon Ka, Peeplya, Peetambpura, Prempura, Raghunathpura, Raghunathpura, Raghuveer Pura, Raithal, Rajpura, Rajwas, Ramganj, Ramnagar, Rampuriya Tulsi, RampuriyaDhola, Ratanpura, Rayta, Rihana, Roopnagar, Salriya, Samarba, Sandri, Sangawada, Sankarda, Sanwal Pura, Sapteeja, Sarwan Ki Jhonpariyan, Satheli, Sawar, Sedari, Seelor, Seenta, Seenta, Seenti, Seeta Pura, Shahpura, Shivshakti Ka Khera, Shopuriya Ki Baori, Shrinagar, Shyamoo, Shyopuriya, Sootra, Sundarpura, Suwasan, Talab Bardha, Talera, Teekhabara, Teerath, Teetarwasa, Thari, Theekariya Charnan, Theekariyan Kalan, Tulsi, Ulera, Umarthoona, Umrach,Chittorgarh ,Abhay Pura, Achalpura, Achhora, Amar Pura, Amar Pura,Ambaberi, Amlee Ka Khera, Amoliya, Anwal Hera, Arjunpura, Arniya Panth, Bad Ka Amrana, Badar Ka Khera, Bagatpura Karma Ka Khera, Bageriya, Baldarkha, Bamniya, Banda Ganeshpura, Bansati, Baori Khera, Barada, Bari Ka Khera, Barkhera, Barodiya, Barodiya, Barsingh Ka Gurha, Bassi, Beelora, Beerghas, Bejnathiya, Bhadanon Ka Khera, Bhadi Khera, Bhairoosingh Ka Khera, Bharkiya, Bhatiyon Ka Khera, Bheelya Khera, Bheem Puriya, Bherda, Bhoocharton Ki Kheri,Bhoongariya, Bhupat Pura, Bihari Pura, Biharipura, Bijaipur, Biliya, Biloda Chittorgarh, Bobla Kalan, Bobla Khurd, Bodiyana, Bojunda, Chainpuriya, Chamanpura,Chhapiya Kheri, Chiksi, Chittaurgarh M, Chittauri, Chogawari, Chothpura, Dagla Ka Khera, Dahee Khera, Damdama, Daulatpura, Deo Doongi, Deori, Dhadhan, Dhanet Kalan, Dhanet Khurd, Dhangliya Khera, Dhani, Dolatpura, Duwawa, Ekling Pura, Eral, Gadariyawas, Gadri Khera, Gadwara, Galiyamal, Ganesh Pura, Ganga Ka Khera, Garol, Ghaghsa, Gharana, Ghatiyawali, Ghosondi, Ghosunda, Gilund, Godi, Gopalpura, Gopalpura, Gorsiya, Guner, Hansla, Hapawas, Hathi Ka Gurha, Jafarpura, Jai, Jaisinghpura, Jalampura, Jawasiya, Jeetawal, Jetpura, Jetpura, Jogni, Jorawarsingh Ka Khera, Kalyanpura, Kanpura, Kanthariya Chauhanon Ka, Kanwarji Ka Khera, Kasara Kheri, Kashmor, Kathodia, Keljarka Khera, Keljer, Kesharpura, Kesharpura, Kewariya, Khardi Baori, Khera Bansati, Khericharnan, Kheta Khera, Khor, Kotri, Lachhmipura, Lachhmipura, Lakha Ka Khera, Lakha Ka Khera, Lalji Ka Khera, Madhupuriya, Manak Pura, Mandaldeh, Mango Dara, Manpura, Mataji Ki Ordi, Mayra, Mayra, Medi Ka Amrana, Meenonka Kanthariya, Meghpura, Mewasa, Modji Ka Khera, Nagri, Nalda, Narela, Narpat Ki Kheri, Naya Khera, Neem Ka Amrana, Negadiya Kalan, Negadiya Khurd, Netawal Maaraj, Netawalgarh Pachhli, Ochhari, Odoond, Ordi, Pachtoli, Pachundal, Pal, Pal Ka Khera, Palchha, Paler, Palka, Panchli, Pandoli, Paotiya, Parliya, Paroli, Patniya, Peepali, Peepaliya Khurd, Pema Ka Khera, Phalasiya, Phusariya, Purohiton Ka Sanwata, Rajpuriya, Rajpuriya, Rama Khera, Rampuriya, Rasya Magri, Rawat Ka Talab, Reethola, Rel Ka Amrana, Rojra, Rolahera, Roop Pura, Rughnath Pura, Rughnathpura, Sadi, Sahnawa, Sajjanpura, Sakal Ka Khera, Samri, Sangrampura, Sankera, Satpura, Sawa, Seendwari, Seerdi, Seerodi, Segawa, Semaliya, Semaliya, Semalpura, Shambhoopura, Shivpura, Shivsingh Ka Khera, Sisodiyon Ka Sanwata, Siyaliya, Siyalkund, Sokya, Songar, Songaron Ki Kheri, Surajpol, Suratsingh Ka Khera, Surjana, Suwawa, Theekariya, Thukrawa, Tumbariya, Udpura, Undri,,Churu,Asal Kheri, Asloo, Badhki, Balrasar Athoona, Balrasar Tanwaran, Barradas, Bas Dhakan, Bas Ghantel, Bas Jaiseka, Bas Mahlan, Beekasi, Beenasar, Bhairoosar, Bhamasi, Boontiya, Chalkoi Baneerotan, Chalkoi Beekan, Chandelnagar, Charanwasi, Chhajusar, Churu , Dabla, Dandoo, Depalsar, Dhadhar, Dhadhariya Baneerotan, Dhadhariya Charnan, Dhameri, Dhani Doongarsinghpura, Dhani Lachhmansingh, Dhani Lalsinghpura, Dhani Muneemji, Dhani Pannesingh, Dhani Ranwan, Dheerasar Beekan, Dheerasar Charnan, Dheerasar Shekhawatan, Dhodhliya, Dudhwa
Khara, Dudhwa Meetha, Gajsar, Ghanghoo, Ghantel, Ginri Patta Lohsana, Ginri Patta Rajpura, Hunatpura,Indrapura, Jasasar, Jasrasar, Jaswantpura, Jhariya, Jori Patta Charnan, Jori Patta Lohsana, Jori Patta Satyun, Juharpura, Karanpura Churu, Karnisar, Karwasar, Khandwa Patta Churu, Khandwa Patta Jhariya, Khandwa Patta Peetheesar, Khansoli, Khariya, Kheenwasar, Kotwad Nathotan, Kotwad Tal, Kotwad Teeba, Kunsisar, Ladariya, Lakhau, Lalasar Banirotan, Lalasar Patta Rajpura, Lohsana Bara, Lohsana Chhota, Maharawansar, Mathori, Meghsar, Moleesar Bara, Motisar, Nakrasar, Narsipura, Peetheesar, Poti, Ramdeora, Rampura Patta Jhariya, Rampurabas Jasrasar, Ramsara, Ranasar, Ratannagar , Raypuriya, Ribiya, Rirkhala, Sahjoosar, Sahnali Bari, Sahnali Chhoti, Satra, Shyampura, Shyodanpura, Shyopura, Sirsala, Sirsali, Somasi, Suratpura, Thalori, Thelasar, Untwal,Dausa ,Abhaipur,Achhiwas, Akhepura, Alooda, Amtera, Anandpura, Baijwari, Bairawas, Bairawas, Balawas, Bane Ka Barkhera, Banetha, Baniyana, Banri, Bapi, Baragaon, Bardakho, Barh Bidarkha, Barh Chandrana, Barh Chhangala, Barh Rajdhar, Barh Sawaipura, Barkhera, Baroli, Basna, Beeghawas, Beer Lawan, Bhaglai, Bhaglao, Bhandana, Bhandarej, Bhankhrota, Bhankri, Bhedoli, Bhoodlya Bhootpura, Bichalwas Rural, Bidarkha, Biharipura, Binawala, Birasna, Bishanpura, Boontoli, Boroda, Chainpura, Chak Bhaglai, Chak Habibwala, Chak Harpatti, Chak Jagrampura, Chak Kalikhar, Chak Khanpura, Chak Sahaspur, Chandrana, Chawand, Chawand Hera, Chharera, Chordi, Chuchariya Ka Was, Churiyawas,
Dadanka, Daglao, Dalelpura, Dantli, Dausa M, Dausa Khurd Rural, Dehlari, Delas, Deori, Dewanwara, Dhadhdha Ka Bas, Dhai, Dharampura, Dharanwas, Dharanwas, Dhigariya, Dublya, Dugrawata, Ganeshpura, Ganglyawas, Gaonli, Girdharpura, Googolao, Gothra, Gurha Keeratwas, Gurki, Habibwala, Hajya Ka Bas,Hapawas, Haripura, Hariyana Harinathpura, Harpatti, Hingotiya, Hodayli, Itarda, Jagrampura, Jagsahaipura, Jailampura, Jairampura, Jaisinghpura, Jaitpura, Jaitpura, Jasota, Jaun, Jhajhrawala, Jhera, Jhoopariya, Jirota Kalan, Jirota Khurd, Jopara, Kableshwar, Kalakho, Kaleri, Kali Pahari, Kalikhar, Kalota, Kandoli, Kanpura, Kanwarpura, Karanpura, Khairwal, Khandewal, Khanpura, Khanwas, Kharandi, Khartala, Khawa Raoji, Kheenchawas, Kherawas, Kherawas, Kherla Khurd, Kherli, Khohra Kalan, Khohra Khurd, Khuri Kalan, Khuri Khurd, Kishanpura Bara, Kishanpura Tapriya, Kishorpura, Koleshwar Kalan, Kolyawas, Kota Patti, Kundal, Lahri Ka Was, Lakhan Ka Bas, Lawan, Lohsari, Lotwara, Mahansara Khurd Rural, Maharajpura, Mahsara Kalan, Malagwas, Malarna, Malpura,Malwas, Mandera Sunarpura, Manga Bhata, Manpura, Matwas, Mitrapura, Mohanpura, Moond Ghisya, Moonsolai, Mora Patti, Morasani, Motalwas, Nangal Bersi, Nangal Chapa, Nangal Govind, Nangal Rajawatan, Nayagaon, Neemali, Palawas, Paparda, Parli, Peelwa, Peepalya Chainpura, Pooranwas, Prahladpura, Prempura,Purbiyawas, Pyariwas, Rajpura, Rajpura, Rajwas, Rajwas, Ralawata, Ramjipura, Rampura, Rampura Maharajpura, Rampura Kalan, Rampura Khurd, Ramsinghpura, Ramsinghpura, Ramsinghpura, Ramthala, Raniwas, Raniwas, Rohara, Roogali, Rudmal Ka Bas, Sabalpura, Sahaspur, Sainthal, Sar, Sarai, Sawaipura, Seengpura, Seengpura, Shekhpura, Shri Madhogovindpura, Shyalawas, Sindoli, Singwara, Sitapura, Sudarshanpura, Surajpura, Teentoli, Thikariya,Thoomri, Titarwara Kalan, Titarwara Khurd, Todarwas, Udaipura, Udawala,Dholpur , Adarshnagar, Adhannpur, Alahpura, Atiraj Ka Pura, Bag, Bagcholi Khar, Bagcholi Lodha, Baghpura, Bahadurpur, Bahwalpur, Bakanyan Ka Pura Bal Govind Ka Pura, Bamroli, Bandpura, Bara Gaon, Barailpura, Barapura, Barawat, Bareh Mori, Barela Pura, Basai Neem, Basai Samanta, Basaiya Laloo, Beechhiya, Beelpur, Bhagirathpura, Bhagpura, Bhagwant Garh, Bhaisakh, Bhaisena, Bhaisena Ka Pura, Bhanpur, Bhawani Shankar Pura, Bhilgawan, Bhojpur, Bhondiya, Bichola, Bintipura, Biparpur, Birodha, Bishnoda, Boocha Ka Pura, Bothpura, Bretha, Chaina Ka Pura, Bothpura, Chainapura, Chandpur, Chaproli, Dagarpur, Dandoli, Dariyapur, Darupura, Dayeri, Dharampura, Dhaulpur M, Dheemri, Dhondhi Ka Pura,Diwan Ka Pura, Dogarpur, Doobra, Doon Ka Pura, Dubati, Dulhara, Durgpura, Edalpur, Firozpur, Garayach, Garhi, Garhi Jawahar, Garwapura, Gawan, Gher,
Gunna Ka Pura, Hinota, Hirnauda, Inchhapura, Jagariyapura, Jahanpur, Jalalpur, Jasoopura, Jatoli, Jayera, Jhande Ka Pura, Jhil Ka Pura, Kailashpura, Kajeepura,Kaluapura, Kalyanpur, Kamare Ka Pura, Kasganj, Kasimpur, Khanpura, Khar Ka Pura, Kharagpura, Khera, Kherli, Khoobipura, Khurd, Kilol Ka Pura, Kookpur,Kotpura, Kotra, Kripapura, Kusaida, Kusaida Khurd, Ladampur, Loola Ka Pura, Luhari, Luhari Ka Pura, Mahoori, Malikpur, Mangrol, Maniyan, Marha Bhau, Marha Bujurg, Masoodpur, Masoodpur, Mauza Ka Nagla, Milkan, Mirjapur, Mirzapur, Misariya Ka Pura, Mohalli Ka Pura, Moredha, Moroli, Moroli Ka Pura,Mugarwara, Mustfabad, Nagla Bhagat, Nainokhar, Nakatpura, Narpura, Naya Gaon, Nekpur, Nibhi, Ochha Ka Pura, Odi, Odi Ka Pura, Ondela, Pachgaon, padampura, Parsoda, Patewari, Pathrora Kalan, Pathrora Khurd, Pati, Pharakpur, Phoolpur, Piluya, Poothpura, Radhepura, Rajora, Ramnagar, Randoli, Ratanpur, Rawatpura, Rupaspur, Sadikpur, Sahajpur, Sahraun, Sakatpur, Salempur, Samola, Sanda, Sandra, Sarani, Saridiya Ka Pura, Sarkan Khera, Sarkoli, Sattar Ka Pura, Semar Ka Pura, Shahanpur, Shahpur, Shahpura, Shala Ka Pura, Shankarapura, Shijroli, Singhawali, Siypura, Subedar Ka Pura, Sundarpur, Surajpura, Tal Ondela, Tanda, Tetooka, Tighara, Tihaiyapura, Tor Shankra, Tordanyal, Virjapura, Virjapura Kalan,Dungarpur ,Amjhara, Amliya Fala, Andar Khet, Antarsuwa, Antri Dungarpur, Ariwat, Asela, Asiya Bao, Bagbol, Bagdari, Baiyora, Baka Khara Beer, Baladeetmafi, Baldiya, Balota, Balwara, Bandighati, Bandra, Bantabalgun, Bara Hathai, Barod, Baron Ka Sher, Baroti With Chak, Bassi, Beekasor, Beelri, Berniya, Bhachariya, Bhagal Salawatan, Bhandariya With Chak, Bharatpur, Bhatpur, Bhatra, Bhatwara, Bhehan Beri, Bhehana, Bhilwata, Bhojaton Ka Ora, Bhuwali, Bichhiwara, Bilpan, Bokhla, Bor Ka Pani, Bor Ka Talab, Bori, Bubela, Chak Mahuri With Chak I & II, Chandrawasa, Chela, Chhapi, Chundawara With Chak, Dabela, Dachki Jaswantpura, Dadoriya, Dakanmariya, Damri, Damuni, Dara, Dedakon Ka Wela, Dedli, Deoli, Devpura, Devsomnath, Dewalkhas, Dhamala, Dhamlat Falan, Dhamod, Dhani Ghatau, Dhani Hathai, Dharma Odi, Dhawari, Dhuwaliya, Doja, Dolwar Nichali, Dolwar Upli, Dolwariyon Kaora, Dovra, Dudheli Ka Bhatra, Dungarpur M, Faloj, Galandar, Gamri Ahara, Gamri Dewal, Gara Malji, Garamoraiya,Garda, Garduna, Gehuwara, Genji, Ger, Geruwara, Gesuon Ka Wanga, Gharmala, Ghata With Chak, Ghatau, Ghooghra, Gokal Pura, Gumanpura, Gumanpura,Harmatiya, Hathai, Hathor, Heeratan, Himmatpur, Himmatpura, Hingori, Jagabor, Jamboori, Jelana, Jhalan, Jhaloo Kua, Jhankol, Jhapa, Jheejwa With Chak,Jogiwara, Jura, Kala Pana, Kaloo Gamra, Kandula, Kanhari Chak A, Kanhari Chak B, Kankra Dara, Kanpur, Kanwa, Kaparwel, Karauli, Kesar Pura, Khajoori, Khajooriya, Khaparda, Khara, Khemaroo, Khempur, Khera Kachwasa, Khera Pal, Kheri, Kherwara, Kherwara, Kherwara Seedri, Khumanpura, Kodiyagun, Kol Khanda, Kotana, Kubera, Kundli, Kunwaliya Dara, Kushal Magri, Laxmanpura, Laxmanpura, Lehana, Lolakpura With Chak, Lorwara, Mahdwa With Chak I & II,Mahipal Pura, Majhola, Makreda, Mali Khera, Malmatha, Malpur Rural, Mana Talai, Mandwa Bhera Bhai Bari, Mandwa Biyola, Mandwiya, Manipur, Manpur, Mara, Margiya Mahura, Mathu Gamra, Metali, Mewara, Modar, Mokarwara, Moth, Nala, Nalwa, Nan Ka Nala, Nareli, Narniya, Nawa Gaon, Nawa Tapran, Nawagaon Farras, Nawaghara, Nawal Shyam, Naya Gaon, Nayagaon Punali, Nejpur, Ojri, Oontiya, Ora Bara, Ora Chota, Orwariya, Padardi, Padardi, Padardiahara, Pagara, Pakhroon, Pal Kol Khanda, Pal Mahuri, Palbassi, Paldewal, Palgamri, Pali Sora With Chak Palmandav, Palmathu Gamra, Palpadar, Palwara, Panthal, Paora, Parda Chaubisan, Parda Gokaliya, Parda Moru, Patli, Patri, Peethapur, Phooti Talai, Pipalada, Punali, Punrawara, Ragela, Raghunath Pura, Rajgarhi, Rama, Rampur, Rampur, Rampur Biyola, Ramsagra, Rangela, Ransagar Pachor, Rata Pani, Ratanpur, Ratanpura, Ratnawara, Relra, Renta, Rohan Wara, Rojela, Sabli, Salampura, Samota, Samota Kaora, Sanchiya, Sara, Saram, Sarkan Kopcha With Chak, Sarkan Sai, Sati, Satora, Satu, Savgar, Seemal Ghati, Selaj, Semaliya, Sendwai, Shishod, Shivpura, Siyal Dari, Sulai, Sundarpur, Surpur, Talaiya, Talaiyan, Tariobri, Teejwar, Tengar Wara, Thaiyata, Thana, Toraniya, Undarda, Upar Gamiya, Upargam, Vagdari, Vajarda, Vaje Pura, Vasuwa, Vedawara, Veeri With Chak, Veerpur, Veerpur With Chak Vikas Nagar, Wada Punali, Watra, Wer,Hanumangarh, Jaipur cchanchukya , Bagrana , Balloopura , Baori , Barh Fatehpura , Baseri , Basri , Beer Hathod , Beermalpura Mukandpura Begas , Bhambori , Bhoodarpura ,Bichpari , Boytawala , Chak Baori , Chak Barh , Chak Basri , Chak Begas , Chak Boytawala , Chak Ramsar , Chak Sarna Doongar , Champapura , Charanwas ,Dhankya , Dharampura , Durjaniyawas , Fatehpura , Gajadharpura , Govindpura, Jaichandpura Gurliya , Hathod , Himmatpura , Jaibhawanipura , Jaipur, M Corp.Part Jaisinghpura Kankroda , Kalwar , Kanarpura Khanga Ki Dhani , Kanwar Ka Bas , Kapariyawas , Keshyawala , Kishorpura Kankroda Lalchandpura , Lalpura , Laxmipura Chak Mauja , Malpura Chaur , Malpura Doongar , Manchwa , Manda Bhopawas , Mansa Rampura , Mansinghpura , Mundiya Purohitan ,Mundiya Ramsar , Nandgaon Barsana , Nari Ka Bas , Natlalpura , Neemera , Niwaroo , Pachar , Peethawas , Pindolai , Ramla Ka Bas , Ramsingh Pura , Roopa Ki Nangal , Sabrampura , Sanchoti , Sarang Ka Bas , Sarna Chaur , Sarna Doongar , Shrirampura Tewariwala , Shyosinghpura Shyopura , Sitapura, Ramoli , Sumel , Sundariyawas , Vijaypura ,Jaisalmer, abhainagar, Adkiya, Akal, Alam Ka Gaon, Amar Sagar, Arjana, Asayach, Asoda, Asoo Ka Tala, Babuwali, Bachhiya Chhor, Bada, Bada Bag, Badhwa, Badoda Gaon, Bahla, Balana, Bandha, Baramsar With Baisakhi, Baran, Basanpeer Jooni, Basanpeer Southern, Basna, Bersiyala, Bhadasar, Bhagoo Ka Gaon, Bhairwa, Bhiloi, Bhinda Khara, Bhinda Mangaliyowala, Bhiyan, Bhojasar, Bhojka, Bhoo, Bhoon, Bhuwana, Bichau, Bichhiya, Bida,Birma, Boha, Buili, Buranwali, Butoi Jeevanwali, Butoi Rahimwali, Chandhan, Chandoo, Chandrau, Changaniyon Ki Basti, Chaudhariya, Chauhani, Chhatrel, Chundhi, Dabla, Dabri, Damodara, Darbariyon Ka Gaon, Dav, Dedha, Deega, Delasar, Deuga, Dewa, Dhanana, Dhandhiya Sadiya, Dhaneli, Dhanwa, Dhauwa, Dhaysar, Dhoba, Dhuliya, Doojasar, Dorau, Drablapar, Edewali, Ekalpar, Gajau, Gamnewala, Ganeshiya, Ganeshiya Kot, Ganga, Geraja, Ghotadoo, Gogade, Gorera, Gunjangarh, Habur, Hada, Hadda, Hakra, Hameera, Hameeron Ki Basti, Hansuwa, Harda, Harnau, Hatar, Hema, Jaisalmer M, Jaisoorana, Jajiya, Jamra, Jamrau, Janiya, Jaskaranpur, Jawandh Jooni, Jawandh Nai, Jayan, Jerat, Jetha, Jethwai, Jhabra, Jhalariya, Jhanda Khara, Jhanda Madhoojowala, Jhanda Meetha, Jiyai, Jiyau Khara, Jodha, Joga, Joga, Kabeer Basti, Kahla, Kakab, Kalau, Kalyan Ghat, Kandiyala, Kangoor, Kanod Beerma, Kanod Rawlotan, Kanoi, Karam Wala, Karda,armon Ki Dhani, Karta, Katha, Kathodi, Kerla, Keshoovon Ki Basti, Khabdela, Khabha, Khaderon Ki Dhani, Khardi, Khariya, Khariya Bhaikhan, Khariya Jethwi, Kheenwsar, Kheenyawas Rarki, Kheeya, Khoohri, Khuifatoojanwali Khadoojanwali, Khuiyala, Kiradwali, Kishan Ghat, Kishangarh, Kodariya Ka Gaon, Kolootala, Koriya, Kuchhri, Kula Tala, Kuldhar, Kumhar Kotha, Kundhau, Kuntara, Lakha, Lakhmanon Ki Basti, Lalewali, Lambapar, Lanela, Langtala, Lidariwa, Liloi, Lohar, Longewala, Loonar, Loonon Ki Basti, Maghla, Mahwa, Malingda, Mandha, Mandhalwali, Mandhau, Maneri, Mangliyawas, Manpiya, Masooriya, Matwon Ki Basti, Meerwala, Meethatala, Megwalon Ki Dhani, Mehboob Ka Par, Mehna, Mehnau, Mehrana, Mithrau Khara, Mithrau Mochiyonwala, Mohangarh, Mokla, Moklat,Momdau, Moolsagar, Moondri, Motikilon Ki Dhani, Muhar, Mukne Ka Tala, Mungel, Murar, Myajlar, Naga, Nagon Ki Dhani, Nawatala, Neemba, Nehdai, Netsi,Nibiya, Nichoowali, Nijau, Parewar, Patanwali, Peerau, Phaleri, Piparla, Pithala, Pochheena, Pohar, Polji Ki Dehri, Rabhlau Fakironwala, Rabhlau Rajronwala, Raghwa, Rahoon Ka Par, Raimala, Ramgarh, Ramkunda, Ratrau, Ratta, Ratwa, Rehrund, Relna, Ridawa, Rojaniyon Ki Basti, Roopsi, Sadhawala, Sadhna, Sadrau Pohar, Sagra, Sagron Ki Basti, Salkha, Sam, Sameja Par, Sanger, Sankhla, Sanwala, Sata, Selat, Serawa, Seuwa, Shahgarh, Shahra, Shekhar, Sipala, Siyalon Ki Basti, Siyambar, Soma, Somrau, Sonoo, Sorhakor, Soron Ki Dhani, Sultana, Surron Ki Dhani, Suwar, Tadana, Tanot, Tejpala, Tejsi, Tejwa, Thaiyat, Tharoi, Tibansar, Turkon Ki Basti, Ukralapar,Jalor, Adwara, Akoli, Alasan, Anwloj, Bagra, Bakra, Bakraroad, Balwara, Basan, Beebalsar, Berath, Bhagli Sindhlan, Bhetala, Bishangarh, Chandana, Chhipi, Choora, Dakatara, Dangara, Deldari, Devda, Dewara, Dhanpur, Dhawala, Digaon, Doodsi, Elana, Firozpura, Jalor, M Kalapura, Kandar,Katarasan, Keshwana, Khanpur, Kolar, Kuaber, Leta, Madalpura, Maheshpura, Mandwala, Margaon, Mauk, Maylawas, Meda Uparla, Medanichla, Mudi, Nabi,Nagni, Narnawas, Narpara, Narsana, Naya Narnawas, Nimblana, Noon, Paharpur, Rampuriya, Ranchhor Nagar, Raniwara, Ratunja, Rewat, Samati Pura, Sanphara,Santhoo, Sarat, Sardargarh, Siwna, Siyana, Sumergarh, Tadwa, Takhtpura, Teekhi, Thalunda, Ummedabad, Jhalawar ,Aklera M, Ametha, Amlawada, Amlawada,Amrit Kheri, Anandpura, Arniya, Asalpur, Awand, Bahari Kalan, Bahari Khurd, Bairagarh, Baldeopura Char Khera, Bandri, Bankar, Bans Kheri Lodhan, Baori Khera, Bapawar, Bardawada, Bareri Kalan, Barer Khurd, Baskheri Lodhan, Basodiya, Beenda, Belwan, Bhalta, Bharatpura, Bhawanipura, Bheel Bhalti, Bheel Khera, Biloniya, Binda Khera, Bindayaka, Bindli, Bor Kheri Goojran, Bor Kheri Lodhan, Borband, Borda, Borkheri Maliyan, Chandipur, Chandrapura, Chhabariya,Chhuwariya, Chureliya, Dadlai, Dahi Khera, Dateela, Dehlanpur, Deo Khoh, Deoli, Deoli Bar, Deopura, Deori Chanchal, Deori Deo, Deori Kalan, Deori Khera, Deori Khurd, Deori Mandir, Dev Kadar, Dhaba, Dhoondhaliya, Doongar Gaon, Doriya Kheri, Dudhiya Kheri, Durjan Pura Khurd, Durjanpura, Gadiya, Gadiya Jaimal, Gadiya Mahesh, Ganesh Ganj, Ganeshpura, Ganeshpura, Ganeshpura Near Dhaba, Garda, Gehoon Kheri, Ghatoli, Ghora Khera, Gokulpura, Gopalpura,
gordhanpura Near Jheekariya, Gordhanpura Near Koli, Gordhanpura Kachnari, Goriya Khera, Gorya Khera, Gul Kheri, Guradi, Hanoti, Haripura, Harnawada Khurd, Islampura, Jagdishpura, Jamunya, Jamunya Kalan, Jamunya Khurd, Jheekariya, Kachnariya, Kajlya, Kalya Kheri, Katphala, Katphali, Kenwachi Kalan, Kenwachi Khurd, Khajoori, Khanpuriya, Near Lahapasya, Khar Khera, Khar Kheri, Khariya, Kharpa, Khejra, Kher Danta, Kherkhera Near Amrit Kheri, Kherla, Khokharya, Khokhera Lala, Khuri, Kishanpura, Kishanpuriya, Kishorpura, Kohri, Kohri Jhar, Koli, Koloo Khera, Kookal Wara, Kotra Dayal, Kotra Jageer, Lahas, Lahasi, Lapasya, Lasooriya Gend, Lasooriya Shah, Laxmipura, Luhariya, Madanpura, Madanpura, Madanpura Churel, Mahuwa Khera, Mahuwa Khera, Mahuwa Khoh, Mangalpura, Mangta, Manpura Goojran, Manpura Jageer, Manpura Lodhan, Manya Kheri, Mawasa, Methoon, Mirzapur, Mishroli, Moi Kalan, Moi Khurd, Moonj Khera, Moreli, Mothpuriya, Motipura, Motipura, Napanya, Narera, Naya Gaon, Naya Gaon, Naya aon, Naya Khera, Naya Pura, Neem Khera, Neem Khera, Pachan Kheri, Pachola, Padliya, Padlya, Padlya Lodhan, Pal Khanda, Parpati, Patan Jageer, Patan Khema, Patanuda, Pathriya, Patri, Patri Khera, Patri Khera, Peepaldi, Peethapura, Phokarda, Pirthipura Near Chureliya, Polao, Poli, Prithipura, Prithipura, Ram Bhalti, Rampuriya, Rampuriya Kalan, Rampuriya Khurd, Ranipura, Rankra, Ratanpura, Reenchhwa, Rojya, Rooppura, Sagoriya, Salawad, Sankheri, Sar Bulandpura, Sar Khandiya, Sara Kuan, Sarda, Sarkhandi Kalan, Sarkhandi Khurd, Sawalda, Semli Kalan, Semli Khurd, Sendari, Shivpura, Shripura Dhabli, Shyopura, Sohan Khera, Soori, Talab Bhalti, Talaipura, Telani, Thamari,Thanawad, Tharaul, Toda, Tol Khera, Turkariya, Uchawada, Ugarpura, Ugena, Ugeni, Umariya, Uni, Upsali, Akya Gehlot, Akya Parmar, Aranya, Badiya Lakha,Baman Deoriya, Bani Kheri, Bankari, Bar Khera, Bardiya, Bardiya Beerji, Bardiya Heerji, Beel Kheri, Berla, Beti Kheri, Bhaisajhar, Bhaisariya, Bharka, Bharka, Bhat Kheri, Bilawali, Birma Kheri, Bishniya, Borkheri Anjana, Borkheri Kachhnara, Borkheri Karamchand, Chachurni, Chand Kheri, Chandrapura, Chara, Chaukari Kalan, Chaukari Khurd, Chhan, Chhappiyan, Chhayan, Chiri, Chistipura, Chor Bardi, Dag, Daryaopura, Dela Kheri, Deogarh, Deoriya Kanwal, Deoriya Kilol, Dhabla, Dhabla, Dhamanda Kalan, Dhamanda Khurd, Dharmpuri, Dhatooriya, Dobra, Dokar Khera, Dokar Kheri, Doli Sarna, Dori, Dudhaliya, Dudhlai, Fazilpur, gagurni, Gangdhar, Garda, Garha, Ghata Kheri, Ghati, Ghattiya, Girdharpura, Gol Kheri, Govindpura, Gunai, Guradiya Isar, Guradiya Jhala, Guradlya Deora,Guwalad, Harimatya Meran, Harmatya Ratna, Harnawada, Harni Khera, Hasamadi, Jagdishpura, Jakhni, Jamuniya, Jeta Kheri, Jheekariya, Kabeeri, Kachhnara,kagariya, Kalyanpura, Karanpura, Karma Kheri, Karna Kheri, Karnaliya, Keetiya, Keloo Khera, Keloo Khera, Khamla, Khankhari, Khasroo Kheri, Khejariya, Kher,khera, Khurchaniya, Kishan Nagar, Kolva Goojar, Kolvi, Kolvi Mandi Rajendrapur CT, Koondla, Kumathiya, Kundiya, Kutki, Kyasra, Lakha Kheri Parmar, Lakha Kheri Umat, Lasooriya, Loona Khera, Loona Kheri, Luhariya, Magsi, Mahuri Khera, Majanpur, Makoriy, Malhar Ganj, Malpura, Mandirpur, Mangwaliya, Melki, Meroo Kheri, Moondla, Nahar Ghatti, Nandpur, Naya Khera, Nipaniya, Nipaniya Jhala, Nipanya Kaloo, Nisal Kheri, Padma Kheri, Para Peepli, Paraliya, Parasali,Parasli, Parla, Parthi Garh, Patlai, Peepa Kheri, Peepalda, Peeplya Kalan, Peeplya Khurd, Piplai, Punwar Kheri, Puwandla, Raipuriya, Rajpura, Ralayti, Rampura,Ranayra, Rapa Khera, Ratanpura, Rati Kheri, Rawan Gurari, Rawatpura, Rojhana, Sakariya, Sakatpura, Salariya, Salriya, Saranga Khera, Sarwar, Sedara, Seendhala,Semli Chharot, Semli Gehlot, Senkala, Shekhpur, Shivgarh, Somchiri, Sujanpur, Sunari, Talawali, Tapli, Tigariya, Tisai, Tokra, Tonkara, Udaipur, Umariya,Unhel,Agariya, Akodiya, Akwasa, Amarpura, Amarpura Kalan, Amarpura Khurd, Amjhar Kalan, Amjhar Khurd, Ananda, Anandpura, Asnawar, Bacholi, Badiya Gorhanpura, Bagdar, Bagwara, Bakani CT, Bakshpura, Balgarh, Bali, Banjari, Bans Kheri, Bans Khoyara, Bansghat, Baori Khera, Baori Khera, Baori Khera Antri,Baori Khera Kalan, Bar Bar, Baray, Barbela, Barbeli, Barkhera Kalan, Barkhera Khurd, Barkheri, Barodiya, Beelwa, Beenda, Beer Khanga, Bhanpura, Bhanwariya,Bhanwarsa, Bhanwrasi, Bhavpura, Bhilwara, Bhumara, Bhumari, Biloniya, Binolai, Biriya Kheri Kalan, Biriya Kheri Khurd, Boodh Mandawar, Bor Kheri, Borda, Borjhari, Bramhpura, Brijpura, Brindawan, Chakdewar No. , Chandiya Kheri, Chandloi, Changeri, Char Doongari, Chariya Kheri, Chokari, Choona Bhati, Chuthya Kheri, Dadwara, Dangal, Dantiya, Daulat Pura, Dayabhao, Deenya Kheri, Deetya Kheri, Deewri, Deo Doongri, Deoli, Deonagar, Deori, Devri, Devri, Dewar, Dhabariya, Dhabli, Dhabli Kalan, Dhabli Khurd, Dhanoda, Dhanoda, Dhanoda, Dhanodi, Dhanwara, Dhanwas, Dharli, Donda, Doongar, Dudhaliya, Durgpura, Fozal Pura, Gadari, Gadari, Gadiya, Gadiya Kund, Gadiya Mer, Gagron, Ganesh Pura, Ganesh Pura, Ganeshpura, Ganeshpura, Ganeshpura Sooli Puri, Gangpura Tumariya Kheri, Gaonri, Gara Gaon, Garwara, Gaupura, Girdharpura, Girdharpura, Gokulpura, Golbao, Gopal Pura, Gopal Pura Guradiya, Gopalpura, Gordhan Niwas, Gordhanpura, Gordhanpura, Gordhanpura Nayagaon, Govindpura, Govindpura, Govindpura, Gurad Khera, Gurha, Guwari Kalan, Guwari Khurd, Haripura, Haripura, Haripura, Haripura, Haripura Jhantaliya, Haripura Leora, Haripura Khurd, Iktasa, Jagannathpuri, Jagpura, Jarel, Jatamari, Jetpura, Jhalawar M,Jhalrapatan M, Jheejhaniya, Jheejhni, Jheekariya, Jheenta Pura, Jheenta Pura, Jhirniya, Jhoomki, Jhoomki, Joona Khera, Joona Palan, Kalakot, Kalmandi Kalan, Kalmandi Khurd, Kalya Kheri, Kalyan Pura, Kamalpura, Kankriya, Kanpura, Kans Kherli, Kanwara, Kanwarpura, Karal Gaon, Karm Kheri, Khachrod, Khairasi, Khajoori Kalan, Khajoori Khurd, Khandiya, Khanpuriya, Khatkar, Kher Khera, Kherasi, Kheriya, Kherla, Khokhanda, Kishanpura, Kishanpura Bara, Kishanpura Damakpura, Kishanpura Antri, Kishanpura Bhanwrasi, Kolana, Koli, Koli, Kothla Ghati, Kotra, Kotra Ghata, Kotra Kunja, Kotra Radi, Kundbari, Kushalpura, Kuwabhao Bhopatpura, Lakshmi Pura, Lakshmi Pura, Lalpura, Lalpuri, Lalya Kheri, Lawasal, Loda Khera, Luhariya Deh, Luhariya Dhani, Madanpura, Madhopur, Maheshpura, Mala Tota, Malipura, Manda, Mandawar, Mangal, Manpura, Manpura, Manpura, Manpura, Mashal Pura, Mehandi, Mehsar, Melki, Mohammad Pura, Molakya Kalan, Molakya Khurd, Moondaliya Kheri, Moondla Khera, Mori, Mori, Moriya Kheri, Moru Kheri, Moti Pura, Motipura, Motipura, Motipura, Motya Doongri, Moya Kheri, Munderi, Nadiya Kheri, Nahar Singhi, Nahardi, Nahardi Kalan, Nahardi Khurd, Nal Khari, Nala, Nala, Nanor, Napaniya Dalla, Napanya Goojaran, Narayan Khera, Narayanpura, Narsinghpura, Nasirabad, Naya Gaon Bhanpura, Naya Khera, Nayagaon Bheelan, Nayapura, Neem Khera, Neemoda, Neu Kheri, Nolav, Padalya Goojaran, Padalya Kulmi, Panch Peepalya, Pandki, Panwasa, Parolya, Parthipura, Pathri, Pathriya, Peepalya Nagga, Peepalya Talab, Peeplya Goojaran, Peeplya Sarhad, Piplod, Pirathvi Pura, Prahladpura, Prempura Laxmipura, Prithya Kheri, Punya Kheri, Pura, Raipur, Rajpura, Rajpura, Rajpura, Rajpura, Ralayta, Ralayti, Ramchandra Pura, Ramniwas, Rampuriya, Ramri, Rangpatan, Raredi, Ratanpura, Ratlai, Ratya Doongri, Reechhwa, Reejoda, Reejon, Renpla, Rooparel, Rooppura, Rooppura Baldiya, Rughnathpura, Rundlao, Sagodiya, Sahipur, Salawad, Salki Doongri, Salotya, Salriya, Samrai, Sankali Khera, Sanwalpura, Saranga Khera, Sarawan, Sawa Khoh, Sekhla, Semal Khera, Semli, Semli, Semli Gokul, Semli Kalan, Semli Noabad, Semli Patpariya, Shivpura, Shivpura, Shripura,Shyampura, Shyopur, Shyopura Kherli, Singhaniya, Sitaphal, Sohan Kheri, Sooraj Pura, Soori, Talwariya, Tandi Sohan Pura, Teetarwasa, Teetri, Tekla, Tekli, Telya Kheri, Thobariya Kalan, Thobariya Khurd, Titoriya, Tokri, Tol Khera, Toongani, Uakhli, Ummedpura, Undal, Urmal, Vijaipura, Wajind Pura,Achrawan, Akawad Kalan, Akawad Khurd, Akodiya, Alanpur, Aloda, Alodi, Ambala, Anghora, Antarwara, Badan Kheri, Bagher, Bagod, Bahrawada, Baisar, Baldeo Pura, Bangadsi, Bani, Banniya, Bans Khera, Barbeli, Bard Guwaliya, Bareda, Bareri, Barkhera, Barna, Bhadkari, Bhagwan Pura, Bhairoopura, Bhairoopura, Bharatpur, Bhat Kheri,Bhatwara, Bhatwasi, Bheel Khera, Bheem Khera, Bhoju Kheri, Bhoomri, Bilasara, Bishan Kheri, Bislai, Bohra, Bokhari, Bor Kheri, Borda, Borda Mau, Boreli, Bosar,Bram Kheri, Chalet, Chamlasa, Chand Kheri, Chandaliya, Chandaniya Kheri, Chandpur Chaplra, Chapa Khur, Cheekli, Chhapihera, Chhatar Pura, Chitai, Chitawa,Chonsla, Dadiya, Dahi Khera, Danwas, Daulara, Dediya, Deopura, Dhagariya, Dhanoda Kalan, Dhanoda Khurd, Dobra, Doonda, Doondi, Doongarpur, Durjan Pura, Fadaniya, Gadarwara Doondi, Gadarwara Noorji, Ghagharawata, Golana, Golya Kheri, Gugalheri, Gul Kheri, Gunjari, Gurha, Gurjeni, Guwari, Hali Hera, Harigarh, Hatai Kheri, Hatola, Hatoli, Heenchar, Irli, Jagdishpura, Jal Kheri, Jarga, Jathedi, Jawra, Jeera Pur, Jhagar, Jithana, Jolpa, Kagni Khera, Kakwasa, Kalarewa, Kankarda, Kanwalda, Kanwarpura Bhattji, Kanwarpura Mandwalan, Karanwas, Kari Kheri, Kethooni, Khair Khera, Khamawada, Khandi, Khanpur, Khata Kheri,Khatawada, Khera, Kheri, Kherli Meeran, Khoont Kheri, Khunja, Koloo Kheri, Korkya, Kunjer, Kuntara, Ladaniya, Lakha Kheri, Lalawata, Layphal, Leemi, Lodha,Lokat, Mahira, Mahuwa Khera, Malan Wasa, Malooni, Malya Khera, Manpura, Maraita, Matwasa, Mehandri, Miyara, Mohammadpur, Mohanpura, Moondla, Mori,Motla, Nagonya, Nayagaon Bajaran, Nayagaon Thakooran, Nipaniya, Odhpur, Pacheepala, Padmiya, Pakhrana, Panwar, Peepalda, Peetampura, Phunga Heri, Piplaj,Potoo Kheri, Rajpura, Rampura, Ranya Kheri, Ratanpura, Roopa Hera, Samad Kheri, Samrol, Sanga Hera, Sarkhandiya, Sarola Bhankya Kheri, Sarola Kalan, Sarola khurd, Seemal Kheri, Seendhani, Sewani, Sewanya, Shyonagar Dhani, Singola, Sojpur, Soomar, Sukh Baredi, Sunariya, Suwalya, Taraj, Theekariya, Umariya,Ummed Pura, Ummed Pura,Akolya, Ank Kheri, Anwal Hera, Arjunpura, Balbatpura, Baldeopura, Baman Gaon, Bamanya Kheri, Bambooliya, Bamla Beh, BandhaJageer, Baneth, Bans Khera, Banskheri Mewatiyan, Bargaon, Baroo Beh, Barrawada, Barwad, Battoo Kheri, Bhawanipura, Bhojpur, Bhoolan Kheri, Bhoomriya,Birjipura, Bishan Khera, Bislai, Borda, Borkhandi, Budhwara, Bukharya, Chachorni, Chandipur, Chandpura Kasba, Chanpura Bheelan, Chhan, Chhittora, Chhorliya,
Chittauri, Dangipura, Dekriya Kheri, Deori Kalan, Deori Khurd, Dhab Beh, Dhaba, Dhama Hera, Dhamdhar, Dhanwas, Dolatpura, Gajwara, Gajwari, Ganeshpura,
Ganeshpura, Ganeshpura Lodhan, Gangahoni, Garboliya, Gharawali, Ghora Khera, Girdharpura, Goraya Khera, Gordhanpura, Goriya, Gorya Khera, Gurar Khera,
Gurar Khera, Gurari, Guwari, Hameerpura, Hanotiya Lodhan, Hanotya Mewatiyan, Haripura, Hatai Khera, Himmatgarh, Jai Shree, Jamunya Kandari, Jatawa,
Jawar, Jawari, Jetpura, Jheenkni, Jhiri, Joonapani, Kalapatha, Kamkhera, Kanwa, Kanwariya Kheri, Khajoori, Khajoori Jageer, Khankhara Goojran, Khankhara
Lodhan, Khanpurya, Khanpurya, Khareriya, Khata Kheri, Khenjra, Kher Khera, Kheri Jageer, Kheri Mewatiyan, Kherkheri Ghata, Kherkheri Mata, Khoribor,
Kishanpuriya Mogya Beh, Koloo Kheri Maliyan, Koloo Kheri Mewatiyan, Kolookheri Kalan, Koonjari, Koonjran, Koriya Patan, Kotra Chamar Garh, Kotra Kagla,
Kunda Khera, Kundi Beh, Ladpura Balram, Ladpurya, Laxmipura, Laxmipura, Lodhipura, Madan Pura, Madhopurya, Maharajpura, Maheshpura, Manapsar,
maoharthana CT, Manpura, Manpura, Manpura Balram, Manya Kheri, Mawasa, Mogya Beh, Mohanpura, Moti Pura, Nagniya Kheri, Nandhera, Narhera, Nesh
Charnan, Nesh Goojran, Pacheta, Paharpura, Panch Peepli, Parthipura, Patlapani, Patlon, Patti, Patwa, Peepal Kheri, Peepalya, Peeplya Lodhan, Peethapura,
Pindola, Piplodi, Poonya Khera, Prathipura, Rajpura, Rampurya, Rampurya, Rampurya Goojran, Ranwasya, Ratanpurya, Reechhari, Roopahera, Sadala, Sagoni,
Salya Khera, Samrol, Sareri, Sehat Kheri, Semali Jageer, Semla Beh, Semla Beh, Semli Khurd, Semlihat, Shorti, Soolya Jageer, Tajpurya, Taklon, Talai Beh, Talawara,
Tanda, Theekriya, Todra, Todri Jagannath, Todri Meeran, Torakhera, Udpurya,Akiya, Alawa, Amliya, Amliya Kheri, Anandpura, Anandpura, Ank Kheri, Anwali
Kalan, Anwali Khurd, Arniya, Aroliya, Aru Kheri, Awar, Bajpura, Bakani Khurd, Bani, Bhagwatipura, Bhaisani, Bhawani Mandi, M Bhawanipura, Bheemni, Bhilwari,
Binnayaga, Bishaniya, Budhanpur, Chand Kheri, Chandrapura, Chandrapura, Chhan Ka Khera, Chor Kheri, Deliya Kheri, Deogarh, Deoriya, Dobra, Era Khera, Eri,
Ganeshpura, Gangaliya Kheri, Gangpura, Garnawad, Ghatod, Ghughwa, Gopalpura, Gulya Kheri, Guradi, Guradiya Bharta, Guradiya Jhala, Guradiya Joga, Guradiya
Kalan, Guradiya Khurd, Guradiya Mana, Gurha, Harmatya, Hatuniya, Hatya Gaur, Jajni, Jalni, Jaswantpura, Jheejhani, Jheekariya, Jheekariya, Kali Talai,
Kaliyakheri, Kanar Kheri, Karanpura, Karawan, Khandar, Khandar, Khar Khera, Kharpa, Khejriyakhal, Khera, Kheta Khera, Khod, Khokhariya Kalan, Khokhariya
Khurd, Khol Kheri, Khoriya, Khoti, Kochariya Kheri, Kothala, Kotra, Kundi Khera, Lar Khera, Lasooriya, Lolra, Mahuriya, Malakhera, Mandvi, Marlawada,
Menhadiya Kheri, Mishroli, Mogra, Morda, Moru Kheri, Moya Khera, Nahar Ghatta, Naharawad, Nal Khadi, Narayan Khera, Nathoo Kheri, Nipaniya Hara,
Nipaniya Uda, Nirdhari, Padasali, Pagariya, Paliya Kheri, Payra, Peepliya, Rajgarh, Rajpura, Rajpura, Ramniwas, Ranayra, Ratanpura, Roonji, Sagriya, Salriya,
Sangali, Sarkanya, Sarod, Semli, Semli Jassa, Semlibakta, Shamiyan, Shekhpura, Shri Chhatrapur, Silehgarh, Singhpur, Sooliya, Tal, Theekariya, Toongani,
Vistuniya,Ada Kheri, Akodiya, Ameenpur, Ameerpura, Anya Kheri, Arniya, Asandiya, Azampur, Bajrangpura, Balda, Banjari, Banor, Bans Kheri, Bar Kheri, Beejanya
Kheri, Bhandar, Bhanya Kheri, Bhatkhera Kalan, Bhatkhera Khurd, Bhoor Kheri, Bismillapura, Boliya Bujurg, Bolya Bari, Bor Kheri, Borband, Borband, Borda,
Borkheri Khurd, Chachhalai, Chachhalao, Chanwli, Chawandiya, Chhori, Dabal, Dabla Bhoj, Danta, Daulatpura, Deewal Khera, Deochi, Dhabla, Dhabla Kheenchi,
Dhabli, Dhamaniya, Dhandera, Dhara Kheri, Dharoniya, Dharoo Kheri, Dhatooriya Kalan, Dhatooriya Khurd, Dilawara, Dobra, Dobri, Dola, Dubaliya, Farshpura,
Fatehgarh, Fatehpur, Gadara, Gadiya, Gardan Kheri, Garwara, Gelana, Gelani, Ghata Kheri, Govindpura, Gundi, Guradiya, Guradiya, Hanotiya Dharoniya, Hanotiya
Dubaliya, Hanotiya Hindusingh, Hanotiya Kotri, Hanotiya Raimal, Harnawada Gaja, Harnawda Peetha, Hemra, Himmatgarh, Ilahipura, Jablen, Jaswantpura, Jeta
Kheri, Jheekari, Jheekariya, Jhirniya, Kachra Kheri, Kadar Nagar, Kadodiya, Kali Talai, Kalotiya, Kalya Khera, Kalyanpura, Kalyanpura, Kanwari, Karadiya Osav,
Karadiya Sherpur, Karma Kheri, Kesarpura, Khadagpura, Khairana, Khajoori, Khaleel Nagar, Khamni, Khandal Kheri, Kharpa Kalan, Kharpa Khurd, Khatkar,
Khejariya, Khera Nipaniya, Khera Sanoriya, Kheri, Khijarpur, Koli Khera, Kolvi, Kotra Jetmal, Kotra Pratap, Kotri, Kotri Khurd, Kundala Pratap, Kundla Khemraj,
Kutki, Lal Gaon, Laxmipura, Loti, Mageespur, Maroom Kheri, Mathaniya, Maya Kheri, Meerpura, Mohammadpura, Moondla, Mori, Mumana, Nagar, Naklang,
Nandpura, Narana, Naulai, Nimba Hera, Nipaniya, Noorpura, Odiya Kheri, Osav, Padiyar Kheri, Pagariya, Pal Khanda, Parasli, Pau Kheri, Peepaliya, Peetha Kheri,
Petbhar, Pirawa M, Pura, Raghunathpura, Raipur, Raja Kheri, Rajpura Bujurg, Rajpura Khurd, Ramay Dalpat, Ramay Mahoo, Rampuriya, Rampuriya, Ramthi,
Rasoolpura, Rawal, Roopa Kheri, Roopa Kheri, Rooparel, Rooppura, Rooppura, Roshan Bari, Salotiya, Salri, Samariya, Samiya, Samli Jinnar, Samli Kham, Sangariya,
Sanoriya, Sanwat Khera, Sar Kheri, Saranga Khera, Saroniya, Sarwar, Semla, Semli Bhawani, Semli Chauhan, Semli Kalyan, Set Kheri, Sherpur, Shyampura, Silori,
Sirpoi, Sirpoi Khurd, Soyla, Soyli, Sunari, Sunel, Sunwas, Suwa Sara, Tal, Teliya Kheri, Tiktikiya, Tomariya Kheri, Udliya Kheri, Unhel, Wazeerpura,Jhunjhunu,
Abusar , Adarsh Nagar , Ajari Kalan , Ajari Khurd , Ajeetgarh , Alsisar , Amarpura , Ambedkar Nagar , Anandpura , Angasar , Ashok Nagar , Badalwas , Badet ,
Badwa Ki Dhani , Baggar M, Bajla , Bakra , Bas Bhinwsariya , Bas Budana , Bas Daulat Khan , Bas Ghasiram Ka , Bas Godoo , Bas Hameer Khan , Bas
Haripura , Bas Kaliyasar , Bas Kuharoo , Bas Nanag , Bas Purian , Basri , Beebasar , Beedasar , Bhadarwas , Bhadunda Kalan , Bhadunda Khurd , Bhagwatpura ,
Bharoo , Bharoo Ka Bas , Bheekhansar , Bheemasar Peepal Ka Bas , Bheemsar , Bhojasar , Bhompura , Bhuda Ka Bas , Bhurasar , Bhurasar Ka Bas , Bhuriwas ,
Bhutiyawas , Binjusar , Birmi , Bishanpura , Bishanpura , Bissau M, Brahmano Ki Dhani , Budana , Chainpura , Chak Nyola , Chakwas , Chandrapura ,
Chandrapura , Chandwa , Charanwas Sultanpur, Charanwasi , Chatarpura , Chimanpura , Chinchroli , Churela , Churi Chatarpura , Dabri Dheersingh , Dariyon
Ka Bas , Deenwa , Deepalwas , Derwala , Desoosar , Devipura , Dhani Baga Partan , Dhani Barwa , Dhani Bhera Ki North , Dhani Bhera Ki South , Dhani
Burdakan Badet , Dhani Burdakan Kaliyasar , Dhani Charan , Dhani Charan , Dhani Charan , Dhani Joshiyan , Dhani Kulriya , Dhani Meelon Ki , Dhani
Purohiton Ki , Dhanuri , Dheelsar , Dheerasar , Dheva Ka Bas , Diloi , Diloi South , Doolpura , Doradas , Dorasar , Doulatpura , Dulchas , Durana , Durjanpura ,
Fatehsara , Gangiyasar , Godoo Ka Bas , Gokhri , Gopalpura Jhunjhunu , Govindpura , Govindpura , Gugan Ki Dhani , Hameer Khurd , Hameeri Kalan ,
Hameerwas , Hameerwas near Nua , Hameerwas Bajawa , Hameerwas Lamba , Hameerwas Rijani , Hansasar , Hansasari , Hanuman Pura , Hanumanpura
Derwala , Hanumanpura Tilokakabas, Hanutpura , Haripura , Harnathpura , Hejampura , Hetamsar, Indali , Indrapura , Isharpura , Islampur , Jabasar ,
Jaisinghpura , Jaitpura , Jakhron Ka Bas , Jalimpura , Jawaharpura , Jeetas , Jeevanwali Dhani , Jei Pahari , Jhatawa Kalan , Jhatawa Khurd , Jhunjhunun M,
Juharpura , Kabeersar , Kakreu Kalan , Kakreu Khurd , Kaleri Dhani , Kali Pahari , Kaliyasar , Kamal Nagar , Kamalsar , Kant , Kasania Ka Bas , Kasimpura ,
Kayampura , Kayamsar Kayasthpura , Khagan Ka Bas , Khajpur Bas , Khajpur Naya , Khajpur Purana , Khalsi , Khariya , Kharkhari , Khatehpura , Khatiyon Ka
Bas , Khatiyonwali Dhani , Kheedarsar Rural , Khichron Ka Bas , Khijarsar , Khori , Khyali , Kisari , Kodesar , Kolali , Kolinda , Kuharoo , Kulod Kalan , Kulod
Khurd , Kumas , Kyamsar , Ladsar , Ladusar , Lalpur , Loomas , Loona , Lootoo , Madansar , Mahansar , Mahradas , Mahradasi , Makhar , Malsar , Malsisar ,
Mandawa M, Manrooppura , Marigsar , Marodha , Marot , Marot Ka Bas , Meelon Ki Dhani Jhunjhunu , Meethwas , Mishrapura , Moga , Mojas , Morsara Ka
Bas , Motisar , Mukha Ka Bas , Mukhwas , Nand Jhunjhunu , Nand Ka Bas , Narsinghpura , Nathasar , Nathpura , Naya Bas , Nayasar , Niradhanu , Nooan ,
Nyola , Paharsar , Pakori Dhani , Pandasi , Patoda , Patoosar , Patusari , Peeplai Ka Bas , Peethoosar , Pheeras Ka Bas , Phooskhani , Pilani Khurd , Pratappura ,
Puniya Ka Bas , Puriya , Raghunathpura , Rahdon Ka Bas , Rajeev Nagar , Rampura , Ramsinghpura , Ranasar , Ranjeetpura , Rasora , Ratan Shahar , Rijani ,
Roonagar , Samaspur , Sanjay Nagar , Seegra , Seegri , Seetsar , Sesu , Seswas , Seja Ki Dhani Seta Ki Dhani , Shekhsar , Shivdayalpura , Shree Krishanpura ,
Shyampura Nua , Shyampura , Shyampura Charanwas , Shyopura , Shyopura , Siriyasar Kalan , Siriyasar Khurd , Sisiyan , Sobha Ka Bas , Sohu Ka Bas , Sonasar
, Soti , Suron Ka Bas , Tamkor , Tanee , Tarpura Chandrapura , Tetara , Todarwas , Togra Khurd , Togra Swaroop Singh , Toliyasar , Udawas , Utrasar Manpura
, Vrindavan, Wahidpura , Wajidsar , Warispura , Zalimpura Dhani Charan, Jodhpur ,Akthali, Anganwa, Asanda, Balakua, Bambor Darjiyan, Bambor Purohitan,
Banar, Barli, Basni Bedan, Basni Charna, Basni Karwar, Basni Lachhan, Basni Nikooban, Basni Sepha, Bawarla, Beroo, Bhagtasani, Bhatida, Bhaton Ki Dhani,
Bhirkali, Birami, Birdawas, Bisalpur, Bora Was, Budh Nagar, Chaukhan, Chawanda, Daijar, Daikara, Dangiyawas, Dantiwara, Daon Ki Dhani, Dawcha Pyau, Dedipa
Nada, Deoliya, Desooriya Kharolan, Desooriya Vishnoiyan, Dhayalon Ki Dhani, Dheenani Ki Dhani, Doliya, Ghantiyala, Gharab, Golasani, Goliya, Gujrawas Khurd,
Hem Nagar, Indroka, Jajiwal Bhandariya, Jajiwal Bhatiyan, Jajiwal Brahmana, Jajiwal Dhandhala, Jajiwal Gehlota, Jajiwal Godara, Jajiwal Jakharan, Jajiwal Kakrala,
Jajiwal Kalan, Jajiwal Khichiyan, Jajiwal Kutri, Jajiwal Vishnoiyan, Jakharo Ki Dhani, Jaleli Champawatan, Jaleli Daikara, Jaleli Faujdaran, Jatiyawas, Jhalamand,
Jheepasani, Jodhpur M Corp., Joliyali, Kakelao, Kanawas Ka Pana, Karani, Karwali Dhani, Karwar, Keroo, Kharda Randheer, Khari Kalan, Khari Khurd, Khatiyasani,
Khokhari, Khokharia, Kukanda, Kuri Bhagtasani, Legon Ki Dhani, Lolawas, Lordi Daijagra, Lordi Doliya, Lordi Pandit Ji, Mahadeonagar Undera, Manai, Manaklao,
Maretuka, Meglasiya, Miyasani, Mokalawas, Moklasani, Nandara Kalan, Nandra Khurd, Naron Ki Dhani, Narwa Khichiyan, Pabupura Bhatan, Palasani, Palri
Khichiyan, Palri Mangaliya, Palri Panwara, Peethasani, Peethawas, Phitkasni, Pooniyon Ki Pyau, Popawas, Purakhpur, Rajwa, Ralawas, Ram Nagar, Rasidan, Rohila
Kalan, Rohila Khurd, Roodkali, Salori, Salwa Kalan, Sangariya, Sewalon Ki Dhani, Shiv Sarnon Ki Dhani, Siriyade Gaon, Sirodi, Soder Ki Dhani, Sooraj Basni,
Surpura, Thabukra, Uchiyarda, Vishnoiyon Ki Dhani, Karauli,ggarri, Akolpura, Alampur, Alampur, Anandgarh, Aneejara, Arab Ka Pura, Ari Hudpura, Atewa,
Bahrai, Balloopura, Barh Dulhepal, Barh Gulal, Barkhera, Barrif, Barriya, Barwatpura, Basai Dulapura, Baseri, Bawli, Beejalpur, Bhaisawat, Bhanwarpura, Bharka,
Bhaua, Bhauwapura, Bhavli, Bhoder, Bhojpur, Bhood Khera, Bichpuri, Bindapura, Binega, Birhata, Birhati, Birhati, Birwas, Chainpur, Chainpur, Chak Rod,
Chamarpura, Chhawar, Chodarapura, Dafalpur, Dahmoli, Dalapura Shastri, Daleelpur, Danda, Daudpur, Deeppura, Deeppura, Deori, Dhandhupura, Dhoogarh,
Doodapura, Dukawali, Farakpur, Fatehpur, Gadoli, Gangurda, Garh Mandora, Garhi, Gerai, Gerai Ki Guwari, Ghurakar, Golara, Goojar Bhavli, Gopalgarh, Gopalpur
Sai, Gunesari, Gunesra, Gurla, Guwreda, Hajaripura, Hakimpura, Hanumanpura, Harjanpura, Harnagar, Jagatpura, Jahangeerpur, Jakher, Jamoora, Jungeenpura,
Kailadevi, Kalyani, Karauli M, Karsai, Kasara, Kashipura, Kashirampura, Keeratpur, Keshpura, Khaira, Khanpura, Kharenta, Khera Rajgarh, Kheriya, Khirkhira,
Khohri, Khoobnagar, Khooda, Khoondri, Konder, Kosra, Kota, KotaChhawar, Kumherpur, Lakhnipur, Lauhra, Ledor Kalan, Ledor Khurd, Lotda, Machani,
Madanpur, Maholi, Mahoo, Mahuwa Khera, Makanpur, Makanpur Chaube, Malpur, Mamchari, Manch, Manchi, Manda Khera, Mangrol, Manoharpura, Manthai,
Mardai Kalan, Mardai Khurd, Masalpur, Mengra Kalan, Mengra Khurd, Meola, Mohanpur, Munshipura, Narayana, Nawlapura, Nayawas, Nayawas, Neemripura,
Pahari, Pahari Meeran, Paitoli, Parasari, Pareeta, Pator, Pator Shastri, Peepal Khera, Peepalpura, Pejpura, Piprani, Pura Auodarkhan, Raghuvanshi, Rajanipura,
Rajor, Rajpur, Rampur, Rampura, Ratiyapura, Reechhoti, Rod Kalan, Rod Khurd, Rohar, Rudor, Ruggapura, Rughpura, Sadhpura, Sahajpur, Sahanpur, Saipur,
Sakarghata, Saseri, Seeloti, Semarda, Sengarpura, Sewli, Shankarpura, Shubhnagar, Siganpur, Silpura, Singniya, Sohanpur, Sorya, Tali, Tarhati With Kanchanpur,
Taroli, Tatwai, Teekatpura, Tharkapura, Timkoli, Tulsipura, Ummedpura, Umri, Unchagaon, Unche Ka Pura, Wajidpur, kota , Amarpura, Amora, Aton, Bagawada,
Bagtari, Bakyan, Balapura, Ballabhpura, Bambuliya Rawtan, Bamooli, Bamoolya Ranmal, Bamori, Banethiya, Barana, Bargu, Barod, Bhagwanpura, Bhanda Hera,
Bhat Kheri, Bhattipura, Bhauran, Bhimpura, Bhooden, Bislai, Borkhera, Brijpura, Budhadeet, Champa Khera, Chandrawala, Char, Chawandheri, Cheensa,
Chhiparda, Choma Biboo, Choma Maliyan, Chomakot, Chopar Kheri, Dabar, Dagariya, Dangawad, Darbiji, Dediyaheri, Deewaniyan, Deopura, Dhaba, Dhansuri,
Dhanwa, Dhori, Digod, Dobarli, Doongarjya, Ebra, Fatahpur Khushk, Fatehpur, Gadepan, Gaonri, Girdharpura, Gokulpura, Gumanpura, Hanotiya, Hanotiya,
Haripura, Haripura Nayagaon, Idalgarh, Jahangeerpura, Jakhrond, Janakpur, Jhargaon, Jharol, Jhonpariya, Jhotoli, Jiyaheri, Jiyaheri, Kachnawada, Kacholiya,
Kakrawada, Kalarewa, Kalyanpura, Kanwarpura, Karariya, Kareerka Khera, Kasampura, Khairoola, Khandgaon, Khera Bhopal, Kheri Ghata, Kherli Dhakran, Kherli
Kalya, Kherli Khushk, Kherli Mahadeet, Kherli Parasram, Kherli Shahran, Kherli Tawran, Khyawada, Kishan Ganj, Kishorpura, Koomla, Kotra Deepsingh,
Kotrapura, Kotsuwan, Kunethiya, Kurari, Lakh Saneeja, Madanpura, Maharana, Mandariya, Mandawara, Mandawari, Mandola, Mangaheri, Mehandi, Mohammad
Pura, Moondla, Morana, Morpa, Motikuan, Napahera, Narpatkheri, Narsinghpura, Nathoo Balai Ki Jhopariya, Nayagaon Ahiran, Neemli, Neemoda Ujar, Nimoda,
Notara, Pachara, Pachara Ki Jhonpariyan, Padasalya, Padliya, Pali, Peepalda Beeram, Peepalda Sand, Peeplda Samel, Polai Kalan, Polai Khurd, Prempura, Ralayta,
Ramnagar, Rampura, Rampura Nayagaon, Ramri, Reechhaheri, Rel, Rugghi, Saderi, Saneeja Baori, Sangaheri, Sarola, Seemalya, Sholi, Shopura Baldeopura,
Sultanpur, Surela, Suwana, Tahla, Takarwara, Tharla, Toran, Udpuriya, Ukalda, Ummedpura, Ummedpura, Zalimpura,
bhaipur, Akhawa, Alniya, Anandpura Phoota Talab, Anwali, Arampura, Arand Khera, Aranya, Arjunpura, Arlya Jageer, Bakshpura, Balapura, Banda, Baniyani,
Baori Khera, Barodiya, Beel Kheri, Bhagwanpura, Bhanwariya, Bheenlot, Bhimpura, Bhimpura, Bhojpura, Borawas, Boriyakheri, Borkhandi, Brajeshpura, Chaipura,
Chand Baori, Chandresal, Charan Heri, Chareenda, Chhatrapura, Chhipan Heri, Dadwara, Dahra, Damodarpura, Daslana, Daulatganj Naya Gaon, Daulatpura,
Deeppura, Deolimachhiyan, Dhakarkheri, Dhani, Dharmpura, Dobara, Dolya, Galana, Gandi Phali, Gangaycha, Gaonri, Ghaghtana, Girdharpura, Girdharpura,
Godalyaheri, Gopalpura, Gordhanpura, Hanotya, Hanuwant Khera, Haripura, Hathi Khera, Hirapur, Jakhora, Jalkhera, Jamoonya, Jampura, Jaspura, Jhalipura,
Jodhpura, Kadi Hera, Kaithoon M, Kalya Kheri, Kanwarpura, Kanwarpura, Kasar, Keetalhera, Keshopura, Kethori, Kewal Nagar, Khanpuriya, Kharli Baori, Khera,
Kherajagpura, Kherli Pande, Kishanpura, Kishanpura Kaithoon, Kishanpura Takiya, Kolana Laxmipura, Kolipura, Kota M Corp. Kothal, Ladpura Kaithoon,
Lakhawa, Laxmipura, Manasgaon, Mandalya, Mandana, Mandaniya, Mandirgarh, Manpura, Mawasa, Mohan Pura, Morpa, Motipura, Mukundpura, Nagpura, Naya
Nohra, Nayagaon, Neemkheri, Notana, Pachankui, Pachpahar, Padampura, Parlya, Peepal Heri, Phata Khera, Pipalda Shekhan, Prahladpura, Prithvipura, Rajnagar,
Rajpura, Ram Kherli, Ramnagar, Ramrajpura, Rangbari, Rangpur, Ranipura, Ranpur, Ranwatha, Rasoolpur, Rath Kankra, Renkyakheri, Rojhari, Rooparel, Roteda,
Sarangpur, Seemalheri, Shambhoopura, Shankarpura, Shyampura, Singh Pura, Sogariya CT, Sohan Pura, Sukhpura, Tather, Tholpura, Ummedpura,
Vijaipura,Amalda, Aranya, Asida, Ayana, Ayani, Bagawada, Bagli, Baijpur, Balupa, Bambooliya Kalan, Bambooliya Khurd, Bambooliya Khurda, Bangrod, Banjari,
Barodiya, Baroli, Beeroda, Bhairoopura, Bhawanipura, Bhopalganj, Bijawata, Binayaka, Bislai, Borda, Chak Kherli, Chak Kherli Pema, Chak Tori, Chanda, Chhapol,
Chhatra Pura, Chhatra Pura Kumhariya, Chyawada, Dadwara, Daulatpura, Delod, Deo Neemri, Deopura, Dhanwan, Dheedhora, Dheepri Kalisindh, Dheepri
Chambal, Doli, Doodhli, Dorli, Dungarli, Durjanpura, Farera, Fatehpur, Fatehpura Rampura, Gandawad, Ganesh Khera, Ganesh Pura, Ganeshganj, Ganeshkhera,
Genta, Ghatod, Girdharpura, Gondi, Gopalpura, Gordhanpura, Gothra Kalan, Gothra Khurd, Gurala, Guwadi, Haripura, Hatholi, Hawa Kherli, Itawa, Jaloda
Khatiyan, Jatwara, Jatwari, Jharol, Jhopariya, Jorawarpura, Kajliya, Kakawata, Kakrawada, Kamalda, Kankra, Kanwarpura, Kareela, Karjoda, Karwar, Keerpura,
Keshopura, Kethoda, Kharwan, Khatauli, Khera, Kherda, Kherli Berisal, Kherli Borda, Kherli Kishanpura, Kherli Naunera, Kherli Peepalda, Kherli Pema, Kherlideo,
Kherlimaharaja, Khorawada, Khyawada, Kishanpura Allapura, Kishanpura Khawaspura, Kishanwas, Kolana, Lachhmipura, Lakhni, Laxmipura, Luhawad,
Manpura, Marjhana, Matoli, Meethod, Miyana, Mor Khundna, Mugena, Mundli, Nalawata, Narayanpura, Navnera, Naya Gaon, Neemola, Neemsara, Nimoda, Para,
Parli, Peepalda Kalan, Peepalda Khurd, Phoosod, Prempura, Raghunathpura, Rajopa, Rajpura, Ram Khera, Ramganj, Rampura, Rampuriya, Ranodiya, Rodganj
Haripura, Rohli, Ron, Sabzipura, Sangrampura, Sanmanpura, Seenota, Shahnawada, Sherganj, Shergarh, Sherpur, Shivdanpura, Shobhagpura, Shripura, Shripura,
Shyopura, Sumerpura, Sumerpura Barmahali, Talab, Theekarda, Tori, Udai Bhanpura, Udaipura, Ummedpura, Vijai Pura, Vishanpura,Alod, Amarpura, Amjhar,
Amrit Kheri, Antraliya, Aranya Kalan, Aranya Khurd, Arlai, Askali, Bakspura, Balkoo, Banda, Bansya Heri, Barodiya Antari, Barodiya Kalan, Beer Mandi,
Bhagwanpura, Bhaopura, Bhatwara, Bheempura, Bholoo, Bishanya Kheri, Boodhan Kheri, Bordi, Borina, Budhkhan, Chandrapura, Chariya Kheri, Chechat CT,
Chhatrapura, Chonsala, Dariya, Deengasi, Deoli Kalan, Deoli Khurd, Dhaipura, Dhakya, Dharnawad, Dharoopura, Dod Kheri, Dudhiya Heri, Duhniya, Durjanpura,
Durkali, Fatehpur, Gadiya, Ganeshpura Kalan, Ghati Jageer, Ghatoli, Gola, Goondi, Goyanda, Gudala, Gulabpura, Gumanpura, Hamaun, Hanotya, Haripura,
Hathiya Kheri, Hatona, Hemal Kheri, Hirya Kheri, Isarpura, Jagpura, Jagpura Khurd, Jamunya, Jhamra, Jhilara, Jhiri, Julmi, Kalya Kheri, Kalya Kui, Kamalpura,
Kanwarpura, Khairabad, Khani, Kharli Bawari, Kheemach, Khera Rudhda, Kherli, Kishorpura, Kola, Kookara Kalan, Kookara Khurd, Kotri, Kudayla, Kumbhkot
CT, Kutkya, Lakhariya, Lasoriya, Laxmipura, Madanpura, Manda, Mandali, Mandi Nathan, Manoharpura, Manpura, Mawasa, Mayla, Meenya Kheri, Modak CT,
Moondiya, Motipura Kalan, Motipura Khurd, Mukundara, Nalodiya, Nayagaon Jageer, Nayagaon Khalsa, Neemoda, Nimana, Noorpura, Nyamat Kheri, Pama Kheri,
Payli, Peepa Kheri, Phanda, Phawa, Pipalda, Raghunathpura, Rai Khera, Rajoo Khera, Rajpura Khurd, Rakba Pahar, Ramganj Mandi M, Rampuriya, Rawali,
Reenchhariya, Reenchhi, Sahrawada, Salawad Khurd, Salera Kalan, Salera Khurd, San Khera, Sandpur, Sandya Kheri, Sarang Kheri, Satalkheri CT, Semalheri,
ohan Khera, Sohanpuna, Suket CT, Surera, Tamoliya, Telya Kheri, Telya Kheri, Udpura, Udpura CT, Ummedpura, Undwa, Zalimpura, Zalimpura Khurd,Adoosa,
kodiya, Alyaheri, Amli, Amli, Amrit Kheri, Amrit Kua, Atraliya, Awan, Bachhihera, Baisar, Baloohera, Bambooliya Kataria, Bamoolya Jageer, Banda, Bangadsya,
apawar Kalan, Bapawar Khurd, Barkhera, Barkheri, Barna, Baroo Kheri, Basyaheri, Bayra, Bhankya Kheri, Bhoola Hera, Bhoola Heri, Bishanpura, Boodhani, Borda,
Borina Kalan, Borina Khurd, Brijalya, Brijnagar, Budhan Hera, Chak Jagdishpura, Chanawata, Charawad, Charchriya Kashipura, Charel, Chatarpura, Dabari Kalan,
Dabri Khurd, Danta, Daurani, Deganya, Deoli, Dhandiya, Dheeraheri, Dhikoli, Dhoolet, Dhoti, Digod, Dillipura, Dobara, Dobari, Doongarpur, Gadarwara, Garda,
Gardana, Garmori, Gehun Kheri, Ghanahera, Ghas Khera, Ghatal, Ghatoliya, Girdharpura, Goojariya Heri, Gopalpura, Gunjara, Gurayta, Gurla, Guwavada,
Handeeta, Hanuwat Khera, Haripura, Haripura Nanji, Heengi, Hingoniya, Idalpur, Jagalyaheri, Jagdishpura, Jali Hera, Jhalara, Jhalari, Jithani, Jogara, Jogari,
Jugalpura, Kacholya, Kakriya, Kalmandi, Kalya Kheri, Kamolar, Kandaphal, Kanganya, Kanwas Kareeriya, Kathaun, Kesoli, Khajoori, Khajoori, Khajoorna,
Khangaon, Kharipur, Khariya, Kharkhana Kheri, Kheri, Kherli Gurla, Kherli Kakoonya, Kherli Kandaphal, Kherli Khoda, Khodya Kheri, Kishanpura, Kishanpura,
Kishanpura, Kishor Sagar, Kishorpura, Kolanajageer, Kolani, Kot Baori, Kotra, Kotri, Kudet, Kundanpur, Kurar, Kurariya Kalan, Kurariya Khurd,
Kushalipuramajrakhatipura, Labaniya, Ladpura, Lala Hera, Lasariya Kalan, Lasariya Khurd, Latoora, Latoori, Laxmipura, Laxmipura, Loda Hera, Madariya,
Madhopur, Makrawad, Malihera, Mamor, Mandap, Mandlya Heri, Mandoohera, Mangalpura, Melkheri, Mohanpura, Moi Khurd, Moikalan, Moru Kalan, Moru
Khurd, Nagalheri, Nagra Kheri, Nahariya, Nalodi, Nayapura, Niyana, Palahera, Palkya, Pamla Kheri, Panahera, Peesahera, Peetampura, Rajgarh, Rajpura, Ramgarh,
Relawad, Rolana, Roopahera, Rosalya, Sahipur, Saloniya, Samariya, Sangod M, Sankhera, Sarola, Sawan Bhadon, Seemalya, Shyampura, Sundkya, Tahroli, Talchhi,
Tarkasya, Theemli, Thoonpur, Tolya, Toomra, Tosya, Umarda, Umarheri, Urna, Vijaipur, Vinod Kalan, Vinod Khurd, Zalimpura, Nagaur, Achhotai , Ahmadpura ,
Ajasar , Akhasar , Alay , Amanda , Amarpura , Andolav , Asawari , Ashapura , Athiyasan , Balasar , Balaya , Balwa , Bansra , Bapor , Barangaon , Barani , Basni
jelima CT, Basni Khaleel , Basni Kuriya , Baswani , Beenthwal , Beeramsar , Bhadana , Bhadana , Bhadora , Bhadwasi , Bhakrod ,, Bhed , Bhanwad , Bhat Nokha ,
Bhojas , Bhomasar , Bhundel Boodhi With Chak , Bukaram Sotan , Bunrawatan , Chak Ghishiyader , Chak Jhujhanda , Charnisar , Chatra Manjra , Chau ,
Chawandia , Chenar , Chenasar , Chheela , Chheelara , Chimrani , Chittani , Chugawas , Chuntisara , Datina , Dehroo , Devisagar , Derwa , Deu , Dhadhriya Khurd
, Dhakoriya , Dhawa , Dheengsara , Dheengawas , Dholiader , Dhoodhiwas , Dhoondhiya , Dhundhiyari , Dhundhwalon Ki Dhani , Diyawari , Dukosi , Fatehsar ,
Firozpura Charna , Gagwana , Gajoo , Galni , Gandila Basni , Gantheelasar , Gawaloo, Ghodaran , Godhan , Giravandi , Goganada , Gogelao , Golasani , Golsar ,
Gorera , Gothra , Gowa Kalan , Gowa Khurd , Gudha Bhagwandas , Guriya , Gurla , Gwalu Hanmannagar , Harima , Hilori , Hingoniya , Inana , Indas , Indokali ,
Jabrasi , Jajolai , Jakhaniya , Janana , Jathera , Jeewanbera, Jhadeli , Jhadisara , Jhoojhanda , Jhorda , Jindas , Jiwan Bera Jodhiyasi , Jodhras , Jorawarpura , Joshiyad ,
Kadarpura , Kaliyas , Kalri , Kankrai , Kanwlisar , Karloo , Karnetpura , Karnoo, Khajwana , Kharda , Kharkali , Khari Karamsotan , Khariya , Kharnal , Khen ,
Khera Akbarpura , Khera Dhadhalwas , Khetas , Khetolao , Khur Khura Kalan , Khur Khura Khurd , Kitalsar , Koonknon Ki Dhani , Krishanpura , Kuchera, M
Kumari , Ladiya , Lalap , Lunda , Madpharas , Makori , Malgaon , Mamniyala , Manasar , Manakpur , Mandeli , Manjhwas , Meras , Mirjas , Mori , Mundasar ,
Mundiyar , Mundwa M, Nagaur M, Nakas , Nandwani , Nathanara , Naya Gaon , Nenau , Nimbola , Pabusar , Pabuthal , Padan , Palari Pichkiyan , Palri Jodha ,
Palri Vyasan , Panchori , Parasara , Peelanwasi , Peempasar , Peetholai, Perawa , Phagali , Phirod , Pithasiya , Pitholao , Potliya Manjra , Raidhanu , Rajoowas ,
Ramsar , Ramsiya , Ratri , Raon Ki Dhani , Rohini , Roon , Roopasar , Sadokan , Saleu , Salwa , Sankhwas , Saranwas , Sarasani , Satheran , Satika Khurd , Seengar
, Senani , Sewri , Sheelgaon , Shivnada , Shivpura , Shribalaji , Shriyadenagar , Shyamsar , Sindhipura , Singhani , Sinod , Siyagon Ki Dhani , Soliyana , Son Nagar
, Subhashpura , Sukholav , Sukhwasi , Surajaniyawas , Surana , Surjana , Tankla , Tantwas , Tausar , Teetari , Thalanjoo , Thirod , Untwaliya ,Pali , Aaichiya, Akeli,
Akrawas, Akrawas Purohitan, Bader Ka Was, Bala, Baldo Ki Dhani, Balelao, Balrai, Baniyawas, Bhagesar, Bhalelao, Bhambolai, Bhaton Ki Dhani, Bhawnagar, Bhawri,
Bomadara, Budhwara, Busi, Chanchori, Changwa, Chawarda, Dayalpura, Deeri, Denda, Dingai, Endlawas, Giradra Jageer, Giradra Khalsa, Girwar, Godawas,
Gulabpura, Gundoj, Gura Bichchhu, Gura Durgadas, Gura Endla, Gura Khuni, Gura Narkhan, Gura Pratapsingh, Gura Sonigara, Guragirdhari, Gurdai, Hathlai,
Hemawas, Hirankhuri, Indra Nagar, Jaitpura, Jawariya, Jooni Endla, Kalyan Pura, Kandara, Kanlao, Keerwa, Kenpura, Kerla, Khati Khera, Kherwa, Khetawas, Khor,
Khutukra, Koorna, Lambiya, Madri, Mandal, Manihari, Muliawas, Nadana Bhatan, Nawagura, Neembala Khera, Neembara, Nimbara, Padarla, Padarli Turkan, Pali
MCI Parasla Kalan, Parasla Khurd, Penawa, Pratap Garh, Ramasiya, Rampura, Raunagar, Rawalwas, Roopawas, Saali, Sadawas, Sakdara, Sanpa, Sapooni, Sedariya,
Shivpura, Snkrawas, Sodawas, Sonai Manji, Sowaniya, Sundelao, Tewali Kalan, Tewali Khurd, Thakurla, Utvan, Pratapgarh, Achalpur, Achalpuriya, Adavela,
Akhepur, Amba Khera, Ambamata, Amlawada, Amli Khera, Amli Khora, Amli Phalan, Angora, Anoppura, Anoppura, Arniya, Asawata, Awleshwar, Bagariya, Bajni,
Bajrang Garh, Balaliya, Bambori, Bambori Bari, Bambori Chhoti, Bamotar, Bandi Khari, Baneriya Khurd, Banjari, Baori Khera, Bara Varda, Barda Pratapgarh,
Bardeeya, Bari, Bari Ambeli, Bari Lank, Barkhera Rampadka Khera, Barkheri, Barmadon Ka Khera, Barmandal, Barodiya, Barotha, Basad, Basera, Belara, Belari,
Bhagwanpura, Bhameriya, Bhanawada, Bhanawaton Ka Khera, Bhanej, Bhanwar Semla, Bhatkheri, Bhunwasiya, Bihara, Bila Khera, Bilesari, Billi Khera, Bilri, Bilya
Rundi, Boran Khera, Bordi, Bori, Borwana, Bujhon Ka Ganwa, Chain Puriya, Chamalawada, Chamanaji Ka Peepaliya, Charpoton Ka Pathar, Chatariya Kheri,
Cheeron Ka Mal, Cheniya Kheri, Chhayan, Chhayan, Chhayan Kotra, Chhota Manyaga, Chhoti Ambeli, Chhoti Kheri, Chhoti Photwa, Chhotilank, Chiklad, Chirwa,
Chittori, Chowkri, Dabra, Daikaniya, Dama Kheri, Dangpura, Dateeyar, Datla Kund, Deendor Ka Khera, Deri, Devgarh, Dewad, Dhaman Doongri, Dhamliya,
Dhamloo, Dhamotar, Dhanesari, Dhariya Kheri, Dharni, Dhudali Tanda, Dindor Khera, Dodiyar Khera, Doli, Dor Ka Khera, Dotar, Gadola, Gamda, Gamet,
Gandher, Ganwa Khera, Gardora, Gardori, Garha, Garhvela, Ghas Khera, Ghatawali Kheri, Ghorawad, Ghotarsi, Ghoti, Gopalpura, Gopalpura, Gopalpura,
Gordhanpura, Gumanpura Bara, Gurda, Gyaspur, Hadiji Ka Peepaliya, Hanuman Chauraya, Harmar Khera, Hathani Kundi, Hatuniyan, Havaniya Rundi, Hingoriya,
Jahazpur, Jakhli, Jamboo Khera, Jamboo Vela, Jaswant Pura, Jaswantpura, Jhantla, Jhasri, Jhaunda, Jogi Khera, Jolar, Jora Mahoora Kundaliya, Kachnara, Kachotiya,
Kajli, Kalmi, Kalsiya, Kalyanpura, Kamla Kuri, Kamliya, Kanakpura, Kanora, Kanpuriya, Kanpuriya, Kanthar, Kariyawad, Karma Khera, Karmadi Khera, Karoli,
Karwa Moda, Karyawad, Katkari, Keet Kheri, Kerwas, Kesharpura, Kesharpura, Khadiya Kheri, Khalel, Khanan, Khatori, Kheejan Khera, Kheemawaton Ka Khera,
Khempuriya, Kher Magri, Khera, Khera Nahar Singh Mata, Kheriyado, Kherot, Khoontgarh, Khoriya, Khoriya Am, Kolvi, Kolvi Mandir, Kotwal, Kulmipura,
Kulthana, Kunda Ka Tapra, Kundla, Kundwa Rundi, Kunee, Kuni, Kushalpura, Lakhma Kheri, Lalpura, Lalpura Peepal Khera, Luhariya, Macheriya, Machlana,
Machlani, Madhura Talab, Madpuri, Magri, Magroda, Maheedon Ka Khera, Mahoori Khera, Majesariya, Makanpura, Maliya, Manawala, Mand Kalan, Manohar
Garh, Mehandi Kheri, Meriya Kheri, Mokhampura, Moriyan Khera, Morjhar, Mota Manyaga, Moti Kheri, Moti Photwa, Mulya Khera, Nagpura, Nai Ka Pathar,
Nakor, Nalwa, Nanana, Narayan Khera, Narda, Nathu Kheri, Naya Kheri, Naya Tapra, Neemach, Odwara, Padampura, Pal, Palthan, Panawala, Pandawa, Panmodi,
Panriya, Parkhanda, Parliya, Pateliya, [[Pathar Patiya Pal, Patniya, Patri, Peeloo, Peepli Khera, Peepli Pathar, Peeplitapra, Phoolda, Phoolda, Pipala Pani, Pipalya
Abad, Pratapgarh M, Pratappura, Prayag Ji Ka Pathar, Punga Talab, Raipuriya, Raja Rundi, Rajora, Rajpuriya, Ramgarh, Rampuriya, Rana, Ranchhorpura, Ranjal,
Ranpur, Ratanpuriya, Rathajana, Ratniya Kheri, Reecharipal, Retha, Richhawara, Rohan Khera, Rooppura, Rughnathpura, Saba Khera No. , Saga Magri, Sagthal,
Sajanpuriya, Sakar Kheri, Sakariya, Salamgarh, Samantpura, Samli Phatar, Sanchai, Sandani, Sanoti, Saree Peepli, Seedheriya, Seengpuriya, Sekri, Sela Tonk,
Selarpura Kalan, Selarpura Khurd, Semaliya Khurd, Semli, Semlop, Sewra, Shahji Ki Pathar, Sidhpura, Sitamagri, Sodalpuriya, Sohanpur, Somawaton Ka Khera,
Sona Kothi, Sonagar, Suhagpura, Sujanpura, Takrawad, Talab, Talab Khera, Talaipal, Talaya, Teekhi Magri, Teela, Teemarwa, Teriya Kheri, Thara, Theekariya,
Tofakhera, Umar Kheri, Ummedpura, Umri Khera, Unta Khera, Veerpur, Waloriya,Rajsamand ,Akodiyon Ka Khera, Amloi, Arwara, Atma, Bagdola, Baghpura,
Bagota, Bagundara, Bamantukra, Banai, Banshawaliyon Ka Gurha, Bansol, Bararda, Barliya, Basni, Bhagwanda Kalan, Bhagwanda Khurd, Bhana, Bhat Khera,
Bhatoli, Bhawa, Bhundal, Bhundan, Binol, Boraj, Boraj Ka Khera, Chhapar Kheri, Chintaman Ka Madra, Dabla, Daulatpura, Deogaon, Deopura, Deori Khera,
Deoron Ka Khera, Deothari, Dewana, Dhani, Dhanji Ka Khera, Dhanwal, Dhanyala, Dipty, Dipty Khera, Doom Khera, Dowar, Duliyana, Emri, Fateh Nagar, Fateh
Pura, Fathenagar Ka Khera, Gadariyawas, Ghati, Gugleta, Jhanjhar, Jodhpura, Jodhpuriya, Kanawada, Kandeo Ka Gurha, Karanpuriya, Karera, Kelwa, Keringji Ka
Khera, Kerot, Khakhliya Khera, Kharandiya, Khatamla, Khati Khera, Khema Khera, Kheton Ki Bhagal, Kishanpura, Kunwariya, Lalpur, Lawana, Madra, Madri
Devsthan, Madri Gowaliya, Mahasatiyon Ki Madri, Maja, Mandawada, Mandawar, Mengatiya Kalan, Mengatiya Khurd, Miyari, Mohi, Mokhampura, Morchana,
Morwar, Mundol, Nakli, Nandoli, Nandora, Nijharna, Nogawan, Omthi, Padampura, Pandolai, Parasli, Parwat Kheri, Pasoond, Peepalantri Kalan, Peeparda, Peepli
Acharyan, Pharara, Phiyabari, Piplantri Khurd, Podawali, Poothol, Pratappura, Punawali, Raghunathpura, Rajsamand M, Rajyawas, Rawon Ka Khera, Roon
Rajsamand A, Roon Rajsamand B, Roopa Khera, Sadra, Sahgath Kalan, Sakroda, Sapol, Sardul, Sardul Khera, Sathana, Shankarpura, Soniyana, Sundarcha, Talai,
Tarot, Tarseengra, Tasol, Tejpura, Tejpuriya, Tunkra Khurd, Ummedpura, Sawai Madhopur , Adoondi, Ajeetpura Sawai Madhopur, Ajnoti, Akodiya, Alanpur Rural,
Anchher, Atoon Kalan, Atoon Khurd, Awand, Badolas, Bagawda, Balwan Khurd, Bandha, Banota, Bhadlao, Bhains Khera, Bhairoonpura, Bhatpura, Bhuderda,
Bilopa, Bodal, Borif, Chakeri, Chharoda, Chitara, Dahakwa, Dangarwara, Dhanoli, Dheeroli, Dhingla Jatwara Khurd, Dhoonda, Dhumon Kalan, Dhumon Khurd,
Dobra Khurd, Dolada, Dondri, Dubbi Bidarkha, Dubbi Khurd, Dubra Kalan, Dumoda, Endwa, Gambhira, Garhi, Ghudasi, Gongor, Gothra, Hajjam Kheri, Halonda,
Himmatpura, Hindwar, Hingoni, Itawa, Jalpa Kheri, Jamool Khera, Jarawata, Jatwara Kalan, Jeenapur, Juwar, Kailashpuri, Kali Bhati, Kanseer, Karela, Karmapur,
Karmoda, Keerpura, Khandoj, Khanpur, Khat Kalan, Khat Khurd, Khatupura, Khawa, Kherla, Kherli Kalan, Kherli Khalsa, Khidarpur, Khijoori, Khilchipur,
Khirkhari, Kishanpura, Koshali, Kundera, Kushalipura, Kushtala, Kutalpura Jatan, Kutalpura Maliyan, Lahsoda, Laxmipura, Laxmipura, Lodhipura, Lorwara,
Madhosinghpura, Mahu, Makholi, Manrajpura, Mathurapura, Menpura, Mor Doongri, Mui, Mundraheri, Needarda, Nimli Kalan, Nimli Khurd, Ninoni, Niwadi,
lwara, Pacheeplya, Padana, Pancholas, Parli, Peepalwara, Phalaudi, Phoosoda, Qila Ranthambor, Rahitha Kalan, Rahitha Khurd, Ramnagar, Rampura, Ramri,
Ramsinghpura, Ranwal, Rawanjna Chaur, Rawanjna Doongar, Sankli, Sawai Madhopur M, Sawaiganj, Seloo, Sewti Kalan, Sewti Khurd, Sherpur, Shyamota,
Shyampura, Shyopura, Shyopura, Sinoli, Soorwal, Sunari, Surang, Tetra, Todra CT, Uliyana, Vijaipura,sikar, Ajeetpura, Akwa, Anokhoo, Antri Sikar, Arjunpura,
Badalwas, Badhadar, Bajaj Gram, Bajor, Balloopura, Baral, Beri Sikar, Bhadwasi, Bhagowa, Bhairoopura, Bhairoopura, Bharkasli, Bhawanipura, Bheekhanwasi,
Bhookhron Ka Bas, Bhoowala, Bhoya, Bidsar, Bidoli, Bijarniyon Ki Dhani, Binjasi, Bootoli, Bosana, Chainpura, Chandeli Ka Bas, Chandpura Rural, Charan Ka Bas,
Charanwas, Chelasi, Chokha Ka Bas, Chooroli, Dab Panora, Dadia, Dadli, Dasa Ki Dhani, Daulatpura Sikar, Deeppura, Deeppura Charnan, Deogarh, Devipura
Sikar, Dhahar Ka Bas, Dhani Chooroli, Dhani Fagerian, Dhani Fatehsingh, Dhani Salamsingh Rural, Dhani Sawairam, Dhani Takhran, Dhaninathawatan, Dhod,
Dhokar, Dinarpura Sikar, Doogoli, Doojod, Dulhepura, Dulla Ki Dhani, Fakeerpura, Fatehpura, Ganeshpura, Gokulpura, Gothra Bhookran, Gothra Tagalan,
Gumana Ka Bas, Gunathoo, Gungara, Gurha Kalan, Gurha Khurd, Hameerpura, Hardayalpura, Haripura Losal, Harsh, Hatyaj, Hukampura, Jachas, Jagatpura,
Jagmalpura, Jassoopura, Jerthi, Jheegar Bari, Jheegar Chhoti, Jurathra, Kadma Ka Bas, Kaharo Ki Dhani, Kala Khet, Kanwarpura, Kanwarpura Sikar, Kashi Ka Bas,
Kasli, Katrathal, Khakholi, Kharsadoo, Khori Brahmanan, Khori Doongar, Khurd, Khurdi, Kirdoli, Koleera, Kudan, Kudli, Kundalpur, Kushalpura, Ladwa,
Lakheepura, Laxman Ka Bas, Losal Chhoti, Mailasi, Majipura, Malkera, Mandawara Sikar, Mandoli, Mandota, Milon Ki Dhani, Molyasi, Mordoonga, Mukandpura,
Mundwara, Naga Ki Dhani, Nagwa, Nani, Neem Ki Dhani, Nehraon Ki Dhani, Netarwas, Ola Ki Dhani, Palasara, Palthana, Palwas, Pardoli Bari, Pardoli Chhoti,
Pewa, Phagalwa, Piprali, Poora Ki Dhani, Pooranpura, Puran Bari, Puran Chhoti, Purohit Ka Bas, Radha Kishanpura Rural, Raghunathgarh, Rajpura, Rambaxpura,
Ramnagar, Rampura, Raseedpura, Rewasi, Rooppura, Sabalpura, Sakrai, Samrathpura, Santoshpura, Sanwaloda Dhaylan, Sanwaloda Ladkhani, Sanwaloda
Purohitan, Sarwari, Sewa, Sewad Bari, Sewad Chhoti, Shahpura, Shastrinagar, Shivnagar, Shivsinghpura, Shyamgarh, Shyampura, Sihot Bari, Sihot Chhoti, Sikar M
Cl, Singhasan, Singrawat, Sob, Sotya Ka Bas, Sujanpura, Tajsar Karnawatan, Tajsar Khejdoliyan, Tarpura, Tasar Badi, Tatanwa, Thorasi, Todi Madhopura, Sirohi ,
Abu Road M, Achalgarh, Akra Bhatta, Amba, Ambaweri, Amthala, Andaliya, Arna, Awal, Bageri, Bahadurpura, Bhaisasingh, Bhamriya, Block No. , Bori Booj, Bosa,
Buja, Chanar, Chandela, Chandrawati, Chotila, Danvav, Deldar, Deri, Derna, Dovtra, Duna Kakar, Fatehpura, Forest Chotila, Ganka, Girwar, Jamboori, Jawai,
Jaydara, Karoli, Khadat, Khara, Kiwarli, Kui, Kyara, Kyari, Kyariya, Mahi Khera, Manpur Rural, Maval, Meen, Meergarh, Morthala, Mount Abu M, Mudrala,
Mungthala, Nichla Khejra, Nichlagarh, Nichli Bor, Or, Oriya, Paba, Pandoori, Rada, Ranora, Redwa Kalan, Redwa Khurd, Sakoda, Salgaon, Sangna, Santpur Rural,
shergaon, Siyawa, Soorpagla, Taleti, Talwaron Ka Naka, Tankiya, Tartoli Rural, Toonka, Umarni, Upla Khejra, Uplagarh, Uplibor, Utraj, Wasda,Achpura, Adarsh
Doongri, Ajari, Amli, Apri Khera, Arasana, Banas, Basantgarh, Bhadaveri, Bharja, Bhavri, Bhimana, Bhoola, Block No. , Bor Umri, Chawarli, Cheeniya Band,
Churlikhera, Dhanari, Dhandhpura, Dhanga, Digar, Gadiya, Gharat, Ghodiyawa, Isra, Janapur, Jhadoli, Jhankar, Jiapura, Junasanwara, Kachholi, Kalabor,
Kalumbari, Kantal, Kaseenda, Kedar Padar, Ker, Kerlapadar, Keshavganj, Khakarwara, Khari Gegarwa, Khokhri Khera, Kodarla, Kojra, Kotra, Kotra, Kundal,
Lotana, Malap, Malera, Mandwara Deo, Mandwara Khalsa, Moras, Muri, Nagpura, Nanarwara, Nandiya, Navawas, Navawas Deo, Nawawasa Khalsa, Naya Sanwara,
Nitaura, Pahar Kalan, Panch Dewal, Parlai, Patumburi, Peetari Padar, Peshua, Phoola Bai Ka Khera, Phulera, Pindwara M, Rajpura, Rampura, Reechhri, Rohira,
Sabela, Sadalwa, Sadaphali, Sangwara, Sanwara, Semli, Shivgarh, Siwera, Taroongi, Telpur, Thandi Beri, Ubera, Udvariya, Undra, Vagdari, Varki Khera, Varli,
Vatera, Veerwara, Viroli, Waloriya, Wara, Wasa,Amrapura, Anadra, Anapur, Asao, Asawa, Awada, Awaliya, Badechi, Bahadurpura, Bant, Bari Khera, Bhamra,
Bhatana, Bheelra, Bheroogarh, Bijwa Khera, Bootri, Burari Khera, Chhapol, Dabani, Dadrla, Dak, Dangrali, Danpura, Dantrai, Datani, Derli, Derol, Dhan,
Dhandhpura Dhanpur, Dhanera, Dhanpura, Dhawli, Dheembri, Didmana Khera, Dolpura, Fatepura, Goreli, Gulab Ganj, Gundwara, Hadmatiya, Hadmatiya,
Hadmatiya, Harni Amarpura Harni, Hathal, Himmatpura, Idarla, Jalampura, Jamtha, Jawal, Jeerawal, Jetawara, Jolpur, Judara, Kareli, Karjiya, Karoti, Kesuwa,
Khan, Kolapura, Kotra, Kotra Khera, Kusma, Leelora, Loonol, Magariwara, Makawal, Malawa, Maleepura, Malgaon, Malpura, Mandar, Marol, Matasan, Meetan,
Methipura, Mohabbatpura, Mooliya Khera, Morwara, Nagani, Nimbaj, Nimbora, Nimtalai, Padar, Padroo Khera, Padroo Khera, Palri Khera, Pamera, Panch Dewal,
Pee Thapuras, Peepaliya, Peethapura M, Perwa, Poseetara, Raipur, Rajgarh, Rampura, Rampura Khera, Rampura Pilochi, Ranari, Reodar, Rohua, Salotra, Sanwara,
Saran Ka Khera, Selwada, Serwa, Singarli Khera, Sirodi, Sonani, Sonela, Sorda, Suliva, Thal, Titmiya Khera, Tokra, Udwaria, Vahan, Vanti, Varman, Vidmiya,
Vikanwas, Wadka, Wadwaj, Wasada, Wasan,Akhapura Kharal, Akhapura Khuni, Alpa, Andor, Arathwara, Badla, Bagseen, Bar Gaon, Baravera, Barewara, Bhaiv,
Buderi, Chandana, Chhiba Gaon, Chooli, Choteela, Deoli, Devon Ka Bera, Dhuwana, Godana, Gola, Jaitpura, Jhadoli, Jogapura, Joyla, Jubliganj, Kailashnagar Las,
Kaldari, Kana Kolar, Keral, Kesarpura, Khandra, Khejariya, Kolar, Kukri Khera, Lakhmawa Bara, Lakhmawa Chhota, Lotiwara Bara, Lotiwara Chhota, Madani,
Manadar, Mochhal, Morli, Naradara, Nawa Bas, Nawa Khera, Oda, Palri, Phachariya, Posaliyan, Purari Khera, Radbar, Raniya Khera, Rowara, Rukhada, Sagaliya,
Sardarpura, Sawali, Seuda, Sheoganj M, Sikhon Ka Jor, Surajpura, Sutharon Ka Gurha, Taleta, Ummedgarh, Uthman, Vadka, Van, Vera Rampura, Vera Vilpur, Sri
Ganganagar ,Tonk , Ahamadpura Chauki, Ahmadganj, Ahmadnagar, Ahmadpura, Ahmadpura Chouki, Alimpura, Alipura, Allapura, Allapura Chandola, Aminpura,
Amirpura Khera, Arniya Ghati, Arniya Neel, Arniya Tiwari, Arniyakedar, Arniyamal, Balapura, Bamor, Bara Abdullapura, Baroni, Bhanchi, Bhanwar Kho, Bharni,
Bichpuri Tonk, Bishnpura, Bithola, Borda, Bordi, Chandlai, Chhan, Chiroj, Chooriya, Dadiyan, Dakhiya, Darda Hind, Deobarniyan, Deoli, Deopura, Deopura,
Farookabad, Ghas, Ghasri, Goharpura, Gulabpura, Hakeempur, Hanifpur, Harchandera, Hatauna, Hayatpura, Ilahipura, Isarda, Islampura, Jamanpura, Jhalra,
Kabra, Kareeriya, Karimpura, Karola, Khajooriya, Khaleel Pura Papra, Khaleelabad, Khanpura, Khera Meer Saman, Lahan, Lamba, Latifganj, Lawadar, Laxmipura,
Mahmoodganj, Mahuwa, Maliyon Ki Jhonpariyan, Mandawar, Meerganj Sherpur, Meernagar, Mehandwas, Mohammad Nagar, Mohammadpura Withnayagaon,
Mohammd Ganj Jageer, Mohmmad Nagar, Motooka, Nawabpura, Nimola, Nimola, Nirwana, Noorpur Khera, Palra, Palri, Parana, Pharasya, Raghunathpura,
Rahimpura, Rahmandiya, Rajnagar, Ranipura, Rasoolapura, Raufpura Khera, Rhimpura, Sadagaon, Sandila, Sankhana, Sardarpura, Saulatpura, Shuklpura,
Shyopuri, Sitarampura, Sonwa, Soran, Sunela Hazipura, Takholi, Talibpura, Thada, Thali, Theekariya, Tonk M CI, Um, Untitana, Usmanpura, Usmanpura, Wazeer
Nagar, Wazeerabad, Wazeerpura Kalan, Wazeerpura Khurd, Yakoob Ganj, Yusufganj Ramnagar, Yusufpura Charai,udaipur, Aar, Agar, Ajni, Akya Khera, Amba
“A”, Amba “B”, Ambao, Ambareti, Andiyon Ka Gurha, Ant, Antrol, Arampura, Arbara, Arniya, Badli Ka Chora, Bagatpura, Bageri, Bajon Ka Deeppura, Bajpura,
Baleecha, Bamangaonra, Bargaton Ka Phala, Bela, Belvi, Beras, Berasota, Bhaga Gaon, Bhagadera, Bhagton Ka Gurha, Bhanawata, Bhandla, Bharev, Bharkhundi,
Bhatiya, Bhatwara, Bheema Gaon, Bhojpur, Bhoomniya, Bhootiya, Bhunga Bhatt, Bikroon, Bildiya, Bilka Bas, Bilri Khera, Bobri, Bodki, Boraj, Borda, Borka Pani,
Borka Pani, Bujon Ka Padla, Chandaji Ka Gurha, Chandana Gaon, Chari, Chari Gadwas, Charma Talab, Charniya, Charpotiya, Chauhanon Ka Khera, Chayni,
Chhapriya, Chiklari, Chinttauriya, Chitoriya, Chitoriya, Chunpa, Dabi Khera, Dai Ka Khera, Damami Khera, Dani Talai, Dara Gaon, Das Ka Gurha, Dataliya,
Deeppura, Deola, Deoliya, Dhamniya Jageer, Dhamniya Khalsa, Dhar, Dhariawad CT, Dhawri, Dheekiya, Dholi Magri, Dholiya, Dholiya, Dolpura, Duma Ka Talab,
Eklingji Ka Semaliya, Fatehsingh Ji Ki Bhagal, Gadriya Was, Gadwas, Ganga Gurha, Garda, Ghaghari, Ghanera, Ghata, Ghatela, Gopal Pura, Gopalpura, Gothra,
Gujron Ka Gurha, Gundla Ki Bhagal, Gurha, Hada Khera, Hajari Gurha, Hirawas, Hirawaton Ka Akya, Jaglawada, Jambua, Jawahar Nagar, Jaya Khera, Jeewa Talab,
Jelda, Jhadoli, Jharna, Juna Boriya, Kachumara, Kalakhet, Kali Bheet, Kalyanpura, Kandela, Kaparwas, Karmal Kalan, Karmal Khurd, Karnagarh, Karseliya,
Kasotiya, Kel Ki Kui, Keli, Kelwa, Keshariyawad, Kesharpura, Khedasiya, Kheri, Khokhoriya, Khokhri Kalan, Khokhri Khurd, Khoonta, Khora Vela, Kodarbariya,
Kotri, Kumari, Kun, Laku Ka Lewa, Lalpura, Lasadiya, Leekniya, Lifafa, Limba Khera, Limberwara, Lodi Mandvi, Lodiya, Lohagarh, Madawata, Mahuri Khera,
Mahuri Khera, Malon Ka Gurha, Malon Ka Oda, Mana Gaon, Mand Kalan, Mandvi, Mangrol, Manpur, Manpura, Manpuriyon Ka Gurha, Mau, Mayda, Miyala,
Modji Ka Khera, Mokhampura, Morchana, Mugana, Mundkosiya, Mundla, Muniya, Nada Phala, Nagaliya Kalan, Nagaliya Khurd, Nal,]], Nal Ka Gurha, Nala,
Nalwa, Napaniya, Nar, Narji Ka Gurha, Narwali, Natela, Nathiya Khera, Naya Boriya, Nimri Ka Gurha, Ovra, Padla Baori, Pahara, Pai Madli, Pakhariya Sag, Pancha
Gurha, Parel, Parsola, Patiya, Payra, Peepala Pani, Peepliya, Phoosriya, Pratapgarh Ki Bhagal, Raipur, Ramnagar, Raniya, Rathoron Ka Gurha, Rathoron Ka Khera,
Rathoron Ka Semaliya, Rati Ka Kar, Reenchhri, Relmahuri, Relwara, Sagwariya, Sakalda, Sakhika Khera, Samaota, Samel, Saredi, Sargana Talai, Sata Kui, Sathpur,
Satya Talai, Sawala, Sewanagar, Shakarkand, Shehpura,]], Shivpura, Shobji Ka Gurha, Shri Gurha, Sihar, Sodala, Soldeo, Suraji Ka Khera, Suya Khera, Takhatpura,
Talapur, Talaya Nimri, Tatakiya, Tekan, Tihawalon Ka Phala, Udaibhanpura, Ujar Khera, Ultan, Umarkota, Ummedpura Daberi, Undavela, Vijaniya,
Waliseema,Ajaypura, Awani, Badoondiya, Bagar, Bagda, Bagdunda, Baguni, Bansra, Barawali, Bargaon, Barwara, Basliya, Basna, Bateri, Baton Ka Gurha, Behra,
Berki Bhagal, Bhadwi Gurha, Bhanpura, Bharodi, Bhat Madra, Bhaton Ka Sayra, Bheoriya, Bishma, Bokhara, Borawali Madri, Brahmanon Ka Kalwana, Chalwa,
Chatiya Kheri, Cheetarawas, Chhali, Chheepala, Chor Baori, Chundawaton Ka Gurha, Dadiya, Deoron Ka Khera, Dheerji Ka Gurha, Dhikora, Dhol, Dhoondhi,
Dingari, Diyan, Dulawaton Ka Gurha, Gata, Gayphal, Gehloton Ka Gurha, Ghanawal, Godon Ka Gurha, Gogunda, Guman, Gundali, Hanyla, Hathniyawar, Jaswant
Garh, Jeerai, Jelani, Jemli, Jhadoli, Jhalon Ka Kalwana, Jogiyon Ka Gurha, Jolawas, Jorma, Junjarpura, Kachhwa, Kagti, Kakan Ka Gurha, Kalji Ka Gurha, Kamba,
Kamol, Kanji Ka Gurha, Karda, Karech, Khakhri, Khakhron Ka Gurha, Kumharwas, Kundalawas, Kundwon Ka Gurha, Kurdau, Lyau, Mada, Madar, Madarda,
Madawa, Madri Devasthan, Maga, Majam, Majawad, Majawari, Malariya KhurdDelwara, Malariya KhurdGugundra, Mokhal, Mokhi, Mori, Morwa, Nahron Ka
Guda, Nal, Nandeshma, Nangaji Ka Gurha, Nayon Ka Gurha, Neekor, Obra Kalan, Obra Khurd, Odonka Guda, Paba, Padrara, Palan, Palasama, Palchh, Palidana,
Paner, Paneriyon Ki Bhagal, Patiyan, Peeparna, Phutiya, Punawali, Ranan, Ranawaton Ka Gurha, Rawachh, Rawaliya Kalan, Rawliya Khurd, Reechwara, Royda,
Sadra, Sagdi Ka Gurha, Samal, Sanchli, Sayra, Seewariya, Semar, Semtal, Senwara, Shobhawas, Shri Maliyon Ki Madri, Singhara, Soorajgarh, Sooran, Suthar Madra,
Suwawaton Ka Gurha, Suwawaton Ka Gurha, Tarpal, Teerol, Tegra, Umarna, Umrod, Undithal, Undri, Wani,Aachhat, Aar, Aat, Aawra, Alsigarh, Amarpura,
Amberi, Ambuja, Amdari, Amraji Ka Gurha, Ayad Rural, Bachhar, Bada, Badanga, Bagatsingh Ka Gurha, Bajni Rodi, Baleecha, Ballabh, Bambora, Banadiya,
Bandarwara, Bandi Magri, Banoo, Baran, Barapal, Barda, Bargaon Rural, Bari, Barodiya, Basliya, Basu, Bed, Bedla, Bedla Khurd, Bedwas Rural, Beeyal, Bemla,
Bhalawaton Ka Gurha, Bhalon Ka Gurha, Bheelon Ka Bedla, Bhekra, Bhekra, Bhesra Kalan, Bhesra Khurd, Bhilwara, Bhoeyon Ki Pancholi, Bhootala, Bhootiya,
Bhuwana, Bichhri, Biliya, Borao Ka Khera, Bori, Borikuwa, Brahmanon Ka Gurha, Brahmanon Ki Hunder, Budal, Bujra, Buthel, Chanawada, Chandani, Changeri,
Chansda, Charmar, Cheerwa, Chhota Bhalo Ka Gurha, Chikalwas, Chukariya, Dagiyon Ka Gurha, Dagiyon Ki Pancholi, Dakan Kotra, Damron Ka Gurha, Dangiyon
Ka Hundar, Dantisar, Debari, Dedkiya, Dedron Ki Dhani, Deimata, Deoda, Dewali Rural, Dhar, Dheekli, Dhol Ki Pati, Dholi Khera, Dodawali, Doolawaton Ka
Gurha, Eklingpura, Gadriya Ka Gurha, Gahloton Ka Bas, Ghasiyar, Ghawri Talai, Ghodan Kalan, Ghoran Khurd, Gordhan Vilas Rural, Gosiya, Gourela, Gowla,
Gudli, Hatheedo, Hawala Kalan, Hawala Khurd, Heerawaton Ki Bhagal, Iswal, Jagat, Jamun, Jaspura, Jawar Udaipur, Jawla, Jhali Ka Gurha, Jhalon Ka Gurha, Jhalon
Ka Gurha, Jhamar Kotra, Jharnon Ki Sarai, Jheendoli, Jodha Ka Talab, Jodhpuriya, Jud, Kadmal, Kailashpuri, Kalarwas, Kaliwali, Kaliwas, Kaloda, Kalodiya, Kamlod,
Kamlod Ka Doongar, Kanpur, Kanpur, Karakala, Karanji Ka Gurha, Karawari, Karelon Ka Gurha, Karget, Karmal, Karnali, Kasiya, Kasniyawad, Katara, Kathar,
Kavita, Kaya, Kaylon Ka Gurha, Keli, Kemri, Keradiya, Khajoori, Kharbariya, Kharwa, Kheri, Khodao, Khuyanpura, Kiyawaton Ka Phala, Kodiya Khet, Kodiyat,
Kojon Ka Gurha, Kot, Kumariya Khera, Kumawation Ka Gurha, Kundal, Kundal Ka Gurha, Kundal Ubeshwarji, Kurawar, Ladiya Khera, Lag, Lai, Lai Ka Gurha,
Lakarwas, Lakhawali, Laliseeng, Lalpura, Liyo Ka Gurha, Loyra, Madar, Madri, Mamadeo, Manpura, Manwa Khera, Maroowas, Mataji Ka Khera, Mathatha,
Matoon, Mayda, Mohanpura, Moriyon Ki Kariyan, Morwaniya, Munwas, Nagda Udaipur, Nai, Nala, Nala Phala, Nandivela, Nar, Nathwaton Ka Gurha, Nawal
Singhji Ka Gurha, Naya Gurha, Naya Khera, Naya Khera, Nela, Netawaton Ki Bhagal, Nichla Chotiya, Nohara, Oton Ka Gurha, Padampura, Padoona, Pai, Palri,
Panchawaton Ki Bhagal, Panwari, Paraya Ki Bhagal, Parmada, Parola, Partal, Patookhera, Pawadiya, Pawand, Peepalwas, Peepar, Peepliya, Peli Bhagal, Phanda,
Pheela, Pherniyon Ka Gurha, Pilana Ki Bhagal, Popalti, Pratappura, Raghunathpura, Rama, Ramaj, Ratanpura, Ratharon Ka Gurha, Rathoran Ka Gurha, Rawan,
Rawat Pura, Raya, Rayta, Rebariyon Ka Gurha, Roopnagar, Rorda, Runeeja, Sabalpura, Sagtari, Sakroda, Sameta, Sangath, Sapetiya, Sare, Saroo, Sathpur Gujran,
Sathpur Meenan, Sawariya Khera, Saweena Khera, Seesaram , Sejlai, Seloo, Sethji Ki Kundal, Sheeshwi, Shivpuri, Shobhagpura, Shri Maliyon Ki Kariyan, Sinhara,
Soma Khra, Sukher, Sulawas, Surana, Suron Ka Gurha, Surpalaya, Tankra Ki Bhagal, Teela Khera, Teeri, Teetardi, Ter Ka Bhilwara, Thoor, Titora, Todi, Toola, Toran
Talab, Udaipur M CI, Udiya Khera, Ukar, Umarda, Undari Kalan, Undari Khurd, Upla Chotiya, Wagela Ka Gurha, Wali, Was, Wati,Adahaldoo, Adalakar, Adiwas,
Adkaliya, Adkaliya, Adol, Ajaipura, Ajroli Daulji, Ajroli Dhoolji, Ajroli Khas, Akodara, Amaliya, Amarpura, Amba, Ambasa, Ambawi, Ambawi, Amiwara, Amleta,
Amod, Amra, Atatiya, Atwal, Awarda, Badad, Badrana, Bagpura, Bahighatiya, Balti Ka Khera, Balvi Baroliya, Bansiwara, Bansriya, Banswari, Barbali, Bari,
Barimahuli, Barlipura, Basi, Beera, Belniya, Belwa Darmiya, Benagiya, Beranpara, Bhagorawas, Bhakoomba, Bhamti, Bhawariya, Bhesana, Bhoora, Bichhawara, Bijli,
Biroti, Bitta, Bobrawara, Boriya, Brahmanon Ka Kherwara, Bujha, Bujha, Burawara, Chandwas, Changla, Chatarpura, Chauhanwas, Chauki, Chechlaya, Chhali
Bokra, Chhatardi, Chokhalabara, Chokri, Dabla, Daiya, Damana, Damana, Darmiya, Deola, Deorawas, Deorawas, Dewanpara, Dewas, Dhadhawali, Dhala, Dhamni,
Dharawan, Dhartidevi, Dheekliya, Dheemri, Dheemri, Dhooli Bhakhri, Dhudhkiya, Dob, Dolriya, Doongariyawas, Gadariyawas, Galdhar, Gamri, Ganeshpura,
garanwas, Gejvi, Ghori Mari, Godana, Godawara, Godawaton Ka Para, Gogla, Goran, Gorana, Gurad, Heeroomala, Hundla, Idmal, Jalampura, Jamun, Jawariya,
Jekra, Jetawara, Jetiwara, Jhadol, Jhakra, Jhanjhar Ki Pal, Jotana, Jurli, Kada, Kakan Majra Pilak, Kakarmala, Kaliya Ghati, Kanthariya, Kapayabas, Karel, Kawel,
Keerat, Khairad, Khajurna, Khakhar, Khakhara Khera, Khardiya, Khatikamdi, Khera, Kherad, Khuda, Kitawaton Ka Khera, Kitawaton Ka Was, Kochariya, Kochla,
Kolar, Kolyari, Kot, Kumarwas, Kunda, Kundal, Kupa Chaoki, Kurawali Bari, Kurawali Khurd, Kwadar, Kyariya, Lakha Gurha, Lathooni, Leelawas, Leelri,
Looniyara, Lukra, Lunawaton Ka Khera, Madla, Madri, Magwas, Mahadevji Ka Kad, Makradeo, Makri, Mal, Malaniya Kalan, Malpur, Manas, Mandwa, Manpur,
Maseengpura, Melaniya Khurd, Mohammad Phalasiya, Mohani, Mundawali, Mundkosiya, Nagmala, Nala Bada, Nalachhota, Nalannama, Namli, Nandbel, Nandela,
Nandiya, Napadevi, Naya Gaon, Naya Khola, Nayagaon, Nayarahat, Nenbara, Netaji Ka Bara, Newaj, Nichli Sigari, Ogna, Ora, Owra, Padiyawas, Palawara, Paliya
Khera, Palkhuna, Panarwa, Parda, Parmer, Patiya, Peelak, Peepal Bara, Peepalbara, Pemadevi Ka Khera, Phalasiya, Phutagarh, Ranjeetpura, Ranpur, Reechhawar,
Rohimala, Rop, Sahiwara, Salar, Saldari, Salukhera, Sandawara, Sandmari, Sankhala, Sara, Saradeet, Sarka Khera, Sarna, Sarwali, Sarwan, Satka, Seesvi, Selana,
Semla, Sera, Shivpura, Shyampura Kalan, Shyampura Khurd, Som, Sultanji Ka Kherwara, Surimala, Talai, Teendor, Thariveri, Thobawara, Tindori, Tumdar,
Turgarh, Ubapan, Uchhati Beri, Umariya, Undra, Upli Sigari, Upreta, Vajawaton Ka Khera, Vanpura, Vayawara, Wangli,Ajlaiyan, Akot, Amarpura, Anela,
Arsorawara, Asariwara, Asariwara, Athmana Kotra, Babari, Babrikhera, Badla, Bagpur, Baleecha, Baleori, Bamanwara, Bambala, Banibor, Banjariya, Banjarwara, Bao,
Barna, Baroti Bheelan, Baroti Brahamanan, Bawai, Bawal Wara, Bayri, Beechhiwara, Belwa, Bhagor, Bhagorpara, Bhagorphala, Bhagorwara, Bhakhra, Bhalai,
Bhaloon, Bhanda, Bhandara, Bhanwa, Bharda, Bhatariya, Bhauwa, Bhilwara, Bhimpur, Bhomatawara, Bhoodar, Bhunwal, Bichala Phala, Boslathi, Chandpura
Narana, Chatol, Cheekalwas, Cheekli, Chhani, Chikla, Chitaura, Choki, Chorai, Dabaycha, Daben, Daiyawara, Damatalab, Dechara, Demat, Deonal Kalan, Deonal
Khurd, Depur, Deri, Dhanol, Dharpur, Dheekwas, Dhelana, Dolpura, Gadawan Kakan, Gadawat Gorimba, Gaduniya, Ganganagar, Garaja, Garnala Kotra, Gatrali,
Ghata, Ghati, Ghodi, Ghogharwara, Ghoriyawara, Gohawara, Govinddeo, Gumanpura, Gurha, Gurha, Harsawara, Hathiya, Hathiya, Heeka, Itwa, Jaipura, Jalpaka,
Jaoli, Jawas, Jayra, Jhadol, Jhajhri, Jhunthri, Jhusawara, Juwarwa, Kagddar Bhatiya, Kakardara, Kalaliyakad, Kalawat, Kalyanpur, Kanbai, Kanbai Chak No. , Kanbai
Chak No. , Kandal, Kanpur, Kanpur, Kanpura, Kanuwara, Karawara, Karawara Chak No. , Karawara Chak No. , Karawara Chak No. , Karawara Chak No. ,Karawara Chak No. , Karchha Kalan, Karchha Khurd, Karji, Karmala, Karnauwa, Katar, Katar, Katarwas Kalan, Katarwas Khurd, Kateo, Katewari, Katvi, Keekawat,Kelawara A, Kelawara Jageer, Kesarpura, Khandiovri Nichla Phala, Khandiovri Uplaphala, Khaniyalimbhri, Khanmeen, Kharadiwara, Kharadiwara, Kharkaya, Kheraghati, Kherwara Chhaoni CT, Kherwara Khalsa, Khokhadara, Khootaneri, Khunadari, Khutwara, Kojawara, Kumhar Pada, Lachhmanpura, Lakora, LambaPanwa, Larathi, Leelri, Magra, Magra, Maheeda, Mahoowara, Mahudara, Mahuriya, Mahuwal, Mahuwal B, Makarjapa, Mal, Maliphala, Maliphala, Mandwa Phala Kagdar, Manpura, Masaron Ki Ovri, Meethimahuri, Modiwasa, Mokarwara, Mothli, Mundwara, Mundwara B, Nagar, Nalapeepla, Nawaghara, Nayagaon, NichalaTalab, Nichla Mandwa, Nichlathooriya, Odwas, Ora, Pacha Padla, Padaliya, Paderi, Pagara, Pahara, Pahara, Palsiya, Pandiyawara, Parbeela, Pareda, Pareda Chak, Parmarwara, Patiya, Peepli A, Peepli B, Peepola, Phutala, Phutala Samreth, Pograkalan, Pograkhurd, Rachha, Rajnagar, Rajol, Ramabaori, Ranawara, Ranawara, Rani, Ratanpura, Rayana, Rehta, Rethda, Rikhabdeo CT, Robiya, Sagwara, Salala, Samdar, Samiter, Samlaipanwa, Samroon, Sarera, Sareri, Saroli,Satsagra, Shyampura, Somawat, Subedra, Suberi, Sukhapara, Sukhbaori, Sukhlal, Sulai, Sundara, Tapana, Thana, Thaprawali, Thobawara, Ugmana Kotra, Umra,Uplamandwa, Uplathooriya, Wadila,Adabela, Adiseri, Adooji Ka Was, Ajni, Akyawar, Amba, Amba, Amba, Amba Ka Khadra, Ambadeh, Ambawa, Amri, Amri,Antaliya, Ariwara, Arjunpura, Asawara, Bagawat, Baguni, Bakhel, Bali Charni, Baniya Wer, Bankawas, Bao Veeran, Barchha, Barla, Barli, Bayana, Beelwan, Bekariya,Bekariya War, Bera Dhar, Bera Katar, Beradhar, Beran, Beraphali, Bhamariya, Bhamra Khet, Bhar Kunda, Bharel, Bhata Ka Pani, Bheem Talai, Bhiyata, Bhoola KiAmli, Bhoori Dhebar, Bhoori Dhebar, Bhootwar, Bikarni, Biliya, Bilriya, Boojari, Borli, Bosi, Boti Kalan, Boti Khurd, Buja, Buriya, Chak Antaliya, Chak Bamnimata,Chak Karwa Mahua, Chak Peepalmal, Chak Peepli Khuna, Chak Sandmariya, Chambua, Champa Ki Nal, Chana Ki Umar, Chariya, Cheebar Badi, Cheekhla,Cheekhli, Chhapar, Chhapariya, Chilarwa, Choki, Choki Magri, Chooli, Chundawaton Ka Khera, Dang, Darmiyma, Dedkiya, Dehri, Dhabra, Dhadhamta, Dhanodar,Dhedmariya, Dheeya, Dhoya, Digawari Kalan, Digawari Khurd, Dotar, Dungariya, Gadariyawas, Gadliya, Gandhi Sarna, Gara, Garda, Gau Peepla, Ghani Ka Khet, Ghata, Ghoramari, Godalwara, Gogrood, Gor, Goriya, Gujari, Gura, Gura, Gura, Hansreta, Har, Hathni, Hemla Thala, Heral Kalan, Heral Khurd, Indra Ka Khera,Jaleri, Jalora, Jambua, Jar Ka Khadra, Jari Makri, Jelai Kalan, Jelai Khurd, Jhalra, Jhanjhar, Jhank, Jhari Roin, Jher, Jher, Jogiwar, Joona Padar, Jura, Kagwas, Kala Khetar, Kaleem, Kali Bor, Kali Doongri, Kana Ka Bar, Kana Padar, Kanjawa, Kanthariya, Kanthariya, Kara, Kara, Kaucha, Kelthara, Khachan, Khajooriya, Kham, Khambiya, Khankhariya, Khanpa, Khara, Kharawani, Khera, Khera, Khila, Khokhariya Ki Nal, Khokhra, Khuna, Kodaliya, Kodarmal, Koldara, Koliya, Kookawas, Kotra, Kukara Khera, Kundal, Kunti Ka Lewa, Kutra Mariya, Kyara, Kyari, Kyarla, Lamba Haldoo, Lambi Semal, Loharcha, Lohari, Loona, Loro Ka Was, Lunawaton Ka Was, Lunk, Madra, Madri, Mahad, Mahari, Mahula, Mahula, Majra Sai, Malawari, Maldar Kalan, Maldar Khurd, Malwa Ka Chora, Malwiya, Mamer, Manasi, Mandwa, Mandwal, Matasula, Meri, Merpur, Mewaron Ka Math, Morchhuchha, Moriya Khuna, Morjara, Mundawali, Nakola, Nal, Nal Sandmariya, Naldigawari, Narsinghpura, Nawaniya, Naya Was, Nayar, Nayawas, Nayawas Sera, Nichli Kundal, Nichli Subri, Nichli Thala, Padalwara, Padli, Padmaori, Palaya Peepla, Palchha,Palesar, Pandi Bor, Pandlon Ka Chora, Paniyali, Paoti Kalan, Paoti Khurd, Parawali Kalan, Parawali Khurd, Parlai, Pathar Pari, Patiya, Peepaldari, Peepalmal, Peepla,Peepli Khera, Peepli Khera, Phidooli 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