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Wedding Venues In Udaipur


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Hotel Udai Kothi

Though within a short, pleasant stroll from the heart of old city, Udai Kothi is remarkable for its tranquility and magnificence.
Conceptualized, designed, created and run by Kunwar Vishwavijay and his wife Bhuwneshwari Kumari, Udai Kothi is a superbly modern hotel, which pampers you with all the facilities, amenities and luxuries a 21st century traveler expects.

While Udai Kothi is modern at heart, the owners have made every effort to incorporate all those architectural and decorative features that make living in the city of Udaipur a pleasure. Udai Kothi offers guests the best of both worlds; the latest standards, blending happily with old-world charm.


This palace turned hotels is an emblem of conceptualization and creation of scions of former regality and replete with all the modern age comforts that makes it an accommodation par excellence. The comforts and services provided by the hotel enable it to play perfect host to nuptials. Couples, who want to have a colorful wedding ceremony to kick start their married journey, can enjoy a vibrant wedding at Udai Kothi Udaipur.
Udai Kothi has incorporated all the elements of modernity without denouncing its medieval character. After decking up the venue it imparts a magical effect to your d-day. This palace turned hotel offers a perfect place to get hitched. Regality exudes from the every nook and corner of this architectural marvel in the city of Udaipur which is also called the white city. With spacious lawns and large dinning area it is a perfect venue for weddings.
The guest attending your weddings will remember your weddings for years as it is going to be a great experience for them and all those in attendance.


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