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Prince Dance Group

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Prince Dance Group, all daily wage earners and none with professional dance training won the hotly-contested TV reality show Indias Got Talent. They won the grand finale in Mumbai. The Prince Dance Group from Berhampur town, nearly 180 km from here, was selected out of 45,000 competitors to perform at the grand finale. The group, comprising 26 artistes all below 22 years, held the audience and the judges spellbound with their performance, which was based on episodes from the Mahabharata. Led by their 26-year-old dance teacher Krishna Mohan Reddy, who never had any formal training in dance, the group won the Rs 50 lakh (Rs.5 million) cash award and a Maruti Suzuki Ritz car.

Requirement  during show –  16 tawels, 16 shampo, 16 soap, 3 ltr refine oil, 1 ltr cocanut oil, 4 room in hotel with extra 2 bath room.



Videos -

Prince Dance Group - India's Got Talent - The Best Show

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Wedding Party Decorations

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Wedding is always considered as the beginning of a new life both for bride and groom. Indian weddings are like big celebration with extravagant and super splendid events. It takes almost a month’s time to get the preparations done. Indian rituals and customs are strictly followed with due respect in every Indian weddings. There are wide differences in the customs followed from one region to other in India.

We provides wedding party, engagement party, decorations and make decoration themes.



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